Wilderness Festival: opportunity for artists/companies to perform on a large-scale!

Sector news

Do you want to perform the Wildernes Spectacle this Summer?

Wilderness Festival has 8 successful years under its belt and is entering the ninth season. The four-day show will take place 1st-4thAugust 2019, in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire (UK). With 30,000 attendees each year, spanning a range of age groups, the festival programme reflects the varied audience. 

The Wilderness Spectacle plays a very special, key role in the festival and is deep rooted in it’s history.


  • To bring as many festival goers together in a ‘united shared moment’ To immerse festival goers in an inventive sensory experience
  • To create an awe-inspiring spectacular using multiple disciplines
  • To generate unique video and photo content
  • To continue to surprise and engage our audience each year with a different show

If you are an artist/company and wish to work on a large scale, this might be a nice opportunity! 

Application deadline: February 8th, 2019

Contact: info@wildernessfestival.com