Capacity development

The "Capacity Development" action is dedicated to offering challenging and relevant contents tailored to the contemporary circus and outdoor arts sectors. It strives to propose skills and competences development activities to foster both individual professionalization and organisational change, supporting  the transition to alternative models through workshops, keynotes, laboratories, mentoring and job-shadowing programme. 


Bounce - professional development programme

  • Who? Workers from the contemporary circus and outdoor arts sectors. 
  • When? One open call is launched each year. The programme lasts 8 months. 
  • What? Bounce is a mentoring programme dedicated to providing tools, connections, knowledge and resources to the next generation of contemporary circus and outdoor arts workers. It proposes skills for future steps, giving space for participants to explore creative, relational and economic potential in an international context, and deepening their reflection on their working environment through the lens of Circostrada's annual red threads. 

Dive -  in-depth training activity

  • Who? Circostrada members and guests
  • When? Once a year 
  • What? Dive is a hybrid (online and on-site) training session on in-depth topics, in partnership with members of the network.

Spark - cross-sectorial laboratory 

  • Who? Circostrada members and workers from others artistic fields. 
  • When? Once a year. 
  • What? Spark is a laboratory meant to try out new ideas, to experiment with innovative tools, and navigate through ground-breaking methods, techniques, and practices. Bringing together members and workers from other disciplines (architecture, urbanism, etc.), this is a dedicated space in which to dig deeper on a specific theme, thus enabling professionals to think outside the box and heighten their creativity.

Switch - job-shadowing programme

  • Who? Circostrada members. 
  • When? Two calls launched each year. The cross-mobilities take place all year long. 
  • What? Switch is a job-shadowing programme allowing Circostrada members to benefit from cross-mobilities throughout the course of the CS Body/ies project and experience a new type of professional exchange.