How to join?

How to become a member?

An organisation that would like to join Circostrada Network has to express its interest by sending the application form below, which is submitted to the Steering Committee and then carefully evaluated against the membership criteria.

While evaluating applications, the Steering Committee will pay particular attention to the following elements: strong artistic vision, international dimension and engagement of the applicant organisation, mutual potential benefits for the organisation and the network's members, as well as keeping both a sector and geographical balance for Circostrada.

Members that fail to attend General Meetings for three consecutive times or to adhere to the mechanisms and terms of governance of the network will be considered at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

What does it cost?

There is no membership fee to join Circostrada Network. However, a strong commitment is required to being a collaborative member of the network.

What are the membership criteria? 

  • To be a professional organisation recognised within its own country for its general contribution to the development of circus and/or street arts sectors.
  • To be knowledgeable about the status of contemporary creation in the circus and/or street arts sector(s) of its own country.
  • To demonstrate a long-term commitment to the strategic development of circus and/or street arts.
  • To demonstrate an interest in collaboration with international organisations.
  • To agree with the missions of the network (advocacy, professional exchange, information sharing).
  • To demonstrate an interest in participating in the work planned by the network and implemented by the Steering Committee, the coordination team and the members.
  • Artistic companies, agencies and schools cannot be members unless they can prove that they represent a recognised network of artists, artistic companies or arts organisations in their country.
  • Only one membership per organisation.

Why being a member?

  • To participate in the continuous strategic development of the network.
  • To attend regularly the General Meetings of the network.
  • To help with the dissemination of news and resources on the collaborative website.
  • More generally, to participate in the communication of the network through the dissemination of the flyer, the use of the Circostrada Network logo, the dissemination on a local scale of the information published by the network.
  • On a voluntary basis, to take part in a Work Group and to participate in the elaboration and implementation of specific projects of the network.
  • On a voluntary basis, to host and/or to be a partner of the network's activities.