International Connections

The "International Connections" action is dedicated to helping contemporary circus and outdoor arts workers to take up the challenge of connecting with their peers beyond their national borders, promoting conversations and actions around various topics such as fairness, equity, equality, diversity, and accessibility, and in close connection with the local challenges of the partner country.


General Meeting - annual members assembly

  • Who? Members of the network.
  • When? One meeting per year, in different regions of Europe, in the frame of a festival or a cultural event organised and hosted by a member.
  • What? The General Meeting is the annual assembly of Circostrada. This is a key moment where network’s members come together to share experiences, discuss and engage in a festival and discover the local context of its host country, while participating in Circostrada internal committees.

Fresh - international event for contemporary circus and outdoor arts 

  • Who? Network members and cultural players.
  • When? The Fresh event will be organised in September 2023. 
  • What? Fresh is an international event designed to improve the structure, development and recognition of contemporary circus and outdoor arts in Europe and across the world. It gathers around 400 European and international players brought together around keynotes, discussions, thematic workshops as well as artistic and networking activities.

Global Crossing - international field trip

  • Who? Circostrada members and local cultural players. 
  • When? Once a year. 
  • What? Global Crossing is an activity organised for the network's members in a country outside Europe. It allows them to get to know new contemporary circus and outdoor arts contexts, markets, to develop collaborative opportunities and exchange knowledge and skills. This activity also provides a basis for members to meet local stakeholders and discover artistic programming.