Coordination and Governance


ARTCENA, presided by Lionel Massétat and directed by Gwénola David, is the French National Centre for Circus Arts, Street Arts and Theater, born from the alliance between HorsLesMurs and Centre national du Théâtre. Founded in 2016 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, it works towards the development of these fields through activities of documentation, training, counselling, networking, research and publishing.

One of the founding members of Circostrada, HorsLesMurs now ARTCENA coordinates the network, with Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar, Head of International Relations and Network Coordinator, and Marion Marchand, International Development Officer.

Furthermore, ARTCENA makes available to the network its skills and knowledge providing services to these sectors, It especially makes available its human resources and know-how in publishing, consulting, research, public relations, knowledge dissemination and database management.


Circostrada operates under a collaborative governance structure with the help of a Steering Committee created in 2014, General Meetings, Work Groups and the investment of each member in the future of the network.

Steering Committee

As decided by the members of the network, the role of the Steering Committee is to work together with the coordination team to set the strategic direction for the network.


  • New memberships
  • Overall network strategy, for discussion with all the members
  • EU applications and the network’s budget
  • Governance and harmonisation of the network’s activities
  • Representation and presentation of the network at outside meetings and conferences


The members of the Steering Committee are elected for a three-year term (renewable once). The current members are :

  • Bruno Costa, Bússola (PT), since November 2020
  • Antonia Kuzmanic, Room 100 (HR), since December 2018
  • Kiki Muukkonen, Subtopia (SE), since November 2020
  • Mara Pavula, Rigas cirks (LV), since December 2018
  • Mike Ribalta, FiraTàrrega (ES), since June 2016
  • Irene Segura, XTRAX (UK), since December 2018
  • Lotta Vaulo, CircusInfo Finland (FI), since November 2017
  • Gwénola David, ARTCENA - French National Centre for Circus Arts, Street Arts and Theater (FR), permanent member

Network's dynamics

General Meetings

A plenary session is led by the coordination team and the Steering Committee during each bi-annual General Meeting to discuss the strategic direction of the network with all the members and present the network’s activity agenda based on its strategic direction.

Work Groups

Each Work Group is in charge of its project and defines its own missions and work methods within the general framework of the 2017-2021 four-year plan.

Each group is headed up by one or two pilot(s) who work(s) closely with the coordination team for support and to receive tools that specifically cater to the needs of each activity.

Event partners

Each Circostrada event is hosted by and organised in close collaboration with one of its members.

It is a real partnership in which members invest their time, staff, and financial and logistical resources to create the best conditions for hosting the network. Hosts also use their expertise to bring in key figures from the region to participate in the event depending on the activities involved.