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FRESH STREET#3, report on a unique and authentic experience dedicated to street arts

Following the third edition of FRESH STREET – International Seminar for the Development of Street arts – organised in Galway from 22-24 May 2019 by Circostrada/ARTCENA, in partnership with Galway 2020 – European Capital of Culture - and ISACS Network, we are happy to communicate this report, which provides a comprehensive overview of this exciting and fruitful experience, designed around the theme of Place and Identity. This publication will give you an overview of the state of artistic creation in the public space in Ireland, but also at the international level thanks to the testimonies of several players from the field.

Its content in a few words: 

  • Thematic pieces putting forward the stakes of artistic creation in the public space, including a focus on artistic residencies 
  • An in-depth and poetic article reflecting the journey of this Irish edition, written by the British writer Mary Patterson 
  • Interviews with artists and professionals working in the public space
  • Valuable experience sharing and projects dealing with creation in urban/rural environment
  • Reports on key issues that were discussed over the three days (among which, making connections, red tape, education, urban environment, etc.)  
  • and many other original contents!