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"Beyond the Obvious" Conference, October 15-17 2015, Gothenburg (Sweden)

Each year, Culture Action Europe organises an annual public meeting called "Beyond the Obvious". 

On October 15-17, more than 200 cultural leaders, practitioners, thinkers and activists from all over Europe will come together with top representatives of the EU, national and local institutions in Gothenburg (Sweden) to gather different points of view, stories and experiences from the cultural and civil society.

What is "Beyond the Obvious"? 

A thought-provoking gathering made of large scale and small scale dialogues, encounters, community-building, exchanges between local and other European cultural actors. BtO 2015 invites its participants to learn, reflect and debate on what balance shall be sought between the condition for a meaningful public sphere on one side, and private and commercial interests on the other, in order to fulfil cultural – thus: human – rights.

Read the programme below.