You were waiting for it… The FRESH CIRCUS#5 publication is now out!

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While creations and artistic projects anchored in their territory are more than ever relevant considering the current sanitary context, this publication comes along just at the right time!

This publication gathers some reflections and insights that emerged during the 5th edition of our International Seminar International Seminar for the Development of Circus Arts, co-organised with CIRCa - National Pole for Circus. This 2019’s edition took place in Auch (France), in the course of the 32th edition of the contemporary circus festival.

Entitled "Circus is everywhere!" FRESH CIRCUS#5 explored the relation between circus and territories, with an emphasis on rurality. In this publication a wide range of circus professionals coming from all over the world share their thoughts on this issue, questioning the contexts of each project, its singularities and its territories, confronting gained knowledge and experiences.