Motion design: European panorama of circus and street arts

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What does a European overview of circus and street arts look like? Who are the main stakeholders? What are the current trends and challenges of these fields? How many professional artistic companies are there in Europe? How many festivals?

This motion design from the series CIRCOSTRADATA will give you a first insight into the ecosystem of both fields, providing quantitative data on 12 different European countries. Whether you are a professional of the field, a researcher, a teacher, an artist or a policy maker, this is a friendly, practical and educational tool to all those seeking to get a global overview of the characteristics of circus and street arts in Europe, together with relevant quantified data.

This motion design is based on the data collected through the three-year pilot-programme CS Hubble, introduced by Circostrada in 2014. Data were gathered in the form of a survey filled in by Circostrada members at the European level.

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