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In Morocco, cultural figures are strengthening the links between artistic creativity and place(s), on a local, regional and international level.

Since the inaugural États Généraux de la Culture (General Assembly on Culture) in 2014, the landscape for street and circus arts has evolved considerably, with the arrival on the scene of new companies and projects, the creation of a Moroccan street arts federation as well as international cooperation projects. At a time when the twelve Moroccan regions are developing their Regional Development Plans (RDPs), how are artists and culture professionals addressing artistic issues in their territories and promoting their development locally?

After Tunis in October 2017, Circostrada, in partnership with Racines (a member of the network) joined forces to run a conference in Tiznit providing a forum for reflection and discussions on questions relating to international cooperation and the structuring of street and circus arts in Morocco. This KAHWA was held in Tiznit on 8th November as part of the third États Généraux de la Culture, an event open to all street and circus arts performers and professionals.

This publication draws up a non-exhaustive overview of circus and street arts in Morocco, highlighting the dynamics at play at local, regional, national level and presents the key players of the field through different focuses.

The contents of this resource are the fruit of research and observation, of the knowledge gained in the frame of the KAHWA meeting but also of the contributions of Racines and the Circostrada members, who generously shared their reporting tools, as well as their experiences et knowledge regarding Euro-Mediterranean cooperation.