The CS LAB#5 publication is available!

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We are thrilled to share with you the CS LAB#5 publication, available in English and French

Does the name CS LAB ring a bell? This publication follows up on the CS LAB#5 webinar, which took place last June, co-organised in partnership with XTRAX around the theme “Leadership in times of crisis”.

Far from being a mere written report of the webinar’s contents, the present resource should instead be seen as a tool for reflection, providing rich and original ideas for ways forward, to help us grow as professionals and individuals working in the circus and street arts sectors. It gives us an opportunity to explore deeper the topics of leadership, diversity/inclusivity and advocacy, tackled through the Lab, thanks to the brilliant contributions from the speakers. They invite us to question ourselves, our organisations and our sectors, and call us to listen, think and act.

Their words take on their full meaning and perhaps resonate even louder now, as we are facing a context marked by uncertainty, anxiety but which also brings hope, and with it prospects for positive, fruitful and lasting changes.

In a nutshell, the publication includes:

  • 3 features articles by:

Hilary Carty: What do we need from cultural leaders in times of crisis?

Vicki Amedume: What is stopping from being fully representative sectors?

Michael Hoart: In this aftermath of this crisis, how will we need to advocate in order to sustain our organisations and our sectors?

  • 2 interviews from UK artists, sharing their views and experiences of these issues in their artistic practices: Lina Johansson from Mimbre and Kevin Edward Turner from Company Chameleon
  • A list of resources and additional contents for those who would like to go even further into these fascinating, complex and crucial topics.

Read it, reflect on it, share it!