Circostrada takes its members to Ethiopia in 2018!

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Let's meet!

Circostrada is planning a research trip to Addis Ababa for its members from February 27 to March 4 2018. It will take place in the course of the second edition of the African Circus Festival - first Pan-African festival dedicated to circus arts - organized by Fekat Circus.

This research trip is organized in partnership with Fekat Circus, which joined the network in 2017 and works towards developing circus arts in Ethiopia.

A Circostrada delegation will be present throughout the festival. On the agenda: meetings with local circus actors, activities to better understand the stakes and aesthetics of the Ethiopian cultural scene, visits of key circus venues, networking times between professionals… A nice opportunity for the network and its members to establish contacts with the local scene and, vice versa, for Ethiopian cultural players to develop collaborative projects and partnerships with European professionals.

This research trip will be followed by a publication in French and in English, available online for all professionals eager to know more about the Ethiopian circus scene. We'll keep you posted!