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We are happy to inform you we have seven new members who have joined the network. Give them a warm welcome! Here is a small introduction of who they are, where they're based, what is their main focus and most importantly how to start getting in contact with them! 

Congratulations to them and welcome to the Circostrada sphere!

Africa Unite

The Africa Unite Association was founded in 2010 in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. Its aim is to provide training and promote culture. It has been the secretariat of the Fédération des acteurs du cirque de la région des Hauts Bassins since its creation in November 2021. It produces the Bobo-Dioulasso Circus Arts Festival in partnership with the Bobo Dioulasso ERJD.  The 9th edition is scheduled to run from 13 to 18 November 2023. It supports the creative projects of Burkinabè companies, providing advice and setting up partnerships with partner structures.

Focus: Circus

City and Country: Burkina Faso

Contact person: Moussa KAFANDO (président)




The Association of Circus Professionals of Catalonia (APCC) is a non-profit organisation that seeks to promote and raise awareness of the circus in the cultural, social and economic life of Catalonia. For 20 years, the APCC has been the backbone of the sector, representing its different professional branches. With nearly 400 associate members, the APCC represents the circus sector in Catalonia in all its diversity. 

Focus: Circus
City and Country: Catalonia, Spain

Contact person: Juliette Beaume (International projects)

➡ http://www.apcc.cat/

➡ Facebook & Instagram



EYCO serves as a vital nexus where shared knowledge, experiences, and resources come together to create a stronger, more vibrant youth circus community. Our members collaborate on a myriad of initiatives, from organising workshops and training to hosting festivals and events. 

With a shared commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and responsible circus practices, EYCO is a driving force in ensuring that the circus arts continue to thrive in Europe. By being part of  EYCO, our members  become a part of a passionate network dedicated to empowering the next generation of circus enthusiasts and performers, helping them reach new heights and, in doing so, ensuring the enduring legacy of circus arts throughout Europe.

Focus: Circus

Contact person: Lynn Carroll (President)

➡ http://www.eyco.org/

➡ Facebook


Funnybones Production

Funnybones Production have been producing and advocating for the contemporary circus and the street art in Sweden since 2003. Today they are the producers for three different circus companies

Since April 2023 they organise The New Circus Festival in Knivsta

Focus: Circus & Outdoor arts

City and Country: Stockholm, Sweden

Contact person: Thorsten Andreassen (Creative Director, Festival Director)

➡ https://www.funnybones.se/

➡ Facebook & Instagram


Le Castrum

Castrum is a multidisciplinary festival with a strong emphasis on committed, diverse and contemporary artistic programming. Most of the festival is free, and most of it takes place in public spaces in the historic centre of Yverdon-les-Bains.

Castrum hosts around thirty artistic projects - theatre, dance, circus, music and workshops - in a dozen venues. The artists take over the city, its neighbourhoods, spaces and streets, transforming and rediscovering them while questioning our relationship with the world. Accessibility and proximity are central to Castrum, and the festival's aim is to highlight the human element, living together and conviviality.

Focus: Circus & Outdoor arts

City and Country: Yverdon-Les-Bains , Switzerland

Contact person: Damien Frei (Artistic Director)

➡ https://le-castrum.ch/

➡ Facebook & Instagram



Riksteatern is Sweden’s largest producing touring theatre, a publicly funded theatre institution. Riksteatern is constituted as civil society organisation with approx. 38 000 members organised in 220 theatre associations all over Sweden. Riksteatern’s vision is dramatic art that sets thoughts and emotions in motion – for everyone, everywhere. Riksteatern has extensive international activities, including a multiannual cooperation with theatres in Finland. Tyst Teater (silent theatre), which has been performing for both deaf and hearing people since 1977, and the Cullberg Ballet are both part of Riksteatern. Since 2021, Riksteatern has been assigned by the Swedish government to develop and promote Circus as an art form equal to theatre, dance and music. 

Focus: Multidisciplinary

City and Country: Norsborg, Sweden

Contact person: Magali Bancel (Artistic Development Director)

➡ http://www.riksteatern.se/

➡ Facebook & Instagram


Zirkus On

Zirkus ON is a creation programme founded in 2019 to support circus arts productions in Germany. The creation alliance accompanies each year three new artistic projects selected by a multidisciplinary jury from the project’s initial research phase to the final presentation for a period of two years.


Focus: Circus

City and Country: Karlsruhe, Germany

Contact person: Alice Greenhill (director) 

➡ https://www.zirkus-on.de/en

➡ Facebook & Instagram