Galway, Ireland
May 22-24 2019


    FRESH STREET#3 is coming to Galway in May 2019!

    Circostrada, ARTCENA, in partnership with Galway 2020 and ISACS – Irish Street Arts and Spectacle Network – are happy to announce the 3rd edition of FRESH STREET – International Seminar for the Development of Street Arts. 

    This flagship event of Circostrada will bring together professional artists, programmers, researchers, pedagogues, journalists, and policy makers from all over Europe and beyond for a key focus on street arts. 

    This third edition will take place in the vibrant city of Galway, while preparations for Galway 2020 - European Capital of Culture will be in full swing! Exploring street arts as a tool for social, cultural, political and economic change, it will opt for an innovative conference model by inviting participants to connect with the local community and natural environment, building on an authentic encounter and a singular experience. 


    FRESH STREET#3 will explore the 4 following topic areas:

    • Connections – how can artists and promoters create new working methods to work together in a less hierarchical way
    • Education – how to create more opportunities for the street arts world and encourage more academic research in street arts?
    • Urban environment – how best to use the streetscape in presenting outdoor work and how cultural and city planners can incorporate these considerations into their work
    • Red tape – mapping the problem and searching for ways to overcome. 

    On the agenda of this 3-day seminar: you’ll get the chance to experience a field trip on the Aran Islands, where you’ll meet international artists who will share with you their experiences in working in rural places, you’ll attend outdoor performances, work-in-progress, panel discussions, enjoy professional talks, a plenary session, action-oriented activities, and much more!

    Mark the dates in your calendar, ride the wave and embark on the FRESH STREET journey with us! We’ll be awaiting you on the west coast of Ireland! 




    Artistic programme

    The International Seminar for the development of Street Arts | FRESH STREET#3 presents a diverse and imaginative artistic programme.

    In January 2019, the ISACS Network in partnership with Galway 2020 launched an open call for artistic presentations in response to the theme ‘Place and Identity’for this years FRESH STREET#3, being held in Galway. 

    Over 120 applications from all over the world were received. A massive thanks is extended towards the dedicated selection panel of Ciaran Walsh – Culture Ireland, Tanja Ruiter – Circostrada & HH Producties and Craig Flaherty of Galway 2020 who trawled through each application in detail.

    We are very proud to present the following:

    Our Hands by Vicky Malin (UK)

    Uncover the possibilities, stories and perceptions of your hands through an encounter with artist Vicky Malin. Using simple manual tasks and conversation, we reflect on our identity via our hands. Take a fresh look at what feels unique and what seems to connect us to each other? Each encounter lasts approximately 10 minutes, for 1 to 6 people and promises to be very special.

    Tribeton, Galway, exact room tbc | May 22nd, 15:30-17:30



    The Ship of Destiny by LUXE (Ireland)

    Ship of Destiny is a landscape spectacle that brings audience and performers together and takes them on a journey bringing fire to where the land, the sea and the sky meet. Ship of Destiny’s visual journey is a soul quest, and in the tradition of the Imramh seeks to align the three realities - this physical reality, the inner landscape and the otherworlds. 

    Streets of Galway, exact route tbc | May 22nd, 22:00



    New Territories by Deana Kolenčíková (Czech Republic / Slovakia)

    Deana questions the knowledge, perception and imagination of the audience and participants through drawing a map of Ireland and identifying their own individual current position. These drawings, subconsciously question our identity and political viewpoint of the world, which will in turn form a temporary installation on Inis Oírr.

    Inis Oírr, exact location tbc | May 23rd, 11:00



    Remnants by Turas Theatre Collective (Ireland) 

    Remnants is a moving and powerful presentation on the theme of displacement. Using soundscape, physical theatre and movement it tells a visually spectacular and enthralling tale of three characters whose lives have been disrupted and who find themselves alone and homeless. The story interweaves the characters’ fragile pasts with their hope for the future in a beautifully choreographed performance.

    Inis Oírr, exact location tbc | 23rd May 23rd, 18:00



    One Sink, Two Float by Studio Eclipse (Belgium) 

    A duet with dance and visual theatre. The water as unknown, depth, subconscious lets things float or sink.
    On this thin membrane between top and bottom one is taken into a surreal and visual story. Two characters find their balance on a platform, amongst themselves with the elements. There is an underworld a world under, which we do not see. It is not shown on the surface or is it?

    Galway Docks | 24th May 24th, 17:45










    In addition to the above, another call was held for an Artists in Residence programme in partnership with Áras Eanna Arts Centre, Inis Oirr. The selected artists are:

    Kate Boschetti and Liam Wilson (Italy / Scotland)

    Kate and Liam—artists in residence with Áras Éanna Arts Centre—will live and immerse themselves entirely on the island for the month of May, creating a site responsive, fresh piece of work for and with the island and its people. Enjoy their first showing of this work-in-progress, which continues to explore the themes of place and identity. 

    Inis Oírr, exact location tbc | May 23rd, 15:00



    How to get there?

    FRESH STREET#3 is taking place in the vibrant city of Galway, located in the West coast of Ireland! 

    Getting to Galway from abroad


    The main international airport in Ireland is Dublin Airport (DUB). Galway does not have a local airport.

    From there you will have to take ground transportation to Galway city (about 3hr by bus or 2.5hr by train). Dublin and Galway are 200 km apart, with Dublin on the East coast and Galway straight across the island on the West coast (for details on ground transport from Dublin Airport to Galway, see below). 

    Another airport option is Ireland West Airport, Knock (NOC). This airport is slightly closer to the city of Galway (about 2hr by bus). Note that there are fewer flights and fewer buses per day.

    Bus information from Ireland West Airport can be found here.


    There are direct ferries to Dublin from Liverpool, UK (8hr / approx €75 round trip), Holyhead, UK (2hr / approx €75 round trip), and Cherbourg, France (18hr / approx €150 round trip).

    Booking available on This option allows you to bring your own vehicle to Ireland.

    Ground transportation from DUBLIN AIRPORT > GALWAY

    BY BUS

    The simplest transport option from Dublin Airport to Galway city is bus, since it stops at the airport and doesn’t require you to travel in to the city centre.

    Citylink and GoBus offer regular express coach services between Dublin Airport and Galway. Bus tickets can be purchased upon arrival at the airport, or online for a slight savings (about 3hr each way / €36 round trip.)

    Both Citylink and GoBus drop off points are 6 minutes walking distance through Galway’s downtown to Tribeton Venue.

    Ground Transportation from DUBLIN CITY CENTRE > GALWAY


    Irish Rails runs regular daily train service from Heuston Station in Dublin to Ceannt Station in Galway. Ceannt Station is just off Eyre Square in Galway’s city centre, about 5 minutes walking distance to Tribeton Venue.

    There are direct trains as well as services with stops in major towns such as Ballinasloe, Athlone, Tullamore and Kildare. Advance booking is recommended as services can be busy. Direct trains are about 2.5 hours and €40 round trip.

    BY BUS

    There are a number of good value bus services to/from Dublin and other major towns. These include Bus Éireann which takes you to Ceannt Rail Station just off Eyre Square in Galway.


    FS#3 Venues & Places

    DAY 1 | Wednesday 22nd May


    This large event venue and restaurant, housed in a former factory, will be the backdrop for our opening evening. Tribeton will host our check-in and welcome on Wednesday afternoon, as well as a programme of opening speakers, an artistic presentation, and an “Irish feast” before heading out to the street for the opening performance.

    Tribeton is easily accessible by foot from within Galway city centre, the NUIG campus, and the House Hotel. From Nox Hotel, it’s either a 30 minute walk or 10 minutes by shuttle bus. From Travelodge, a 20 minute walk or a 15 minute bus ride. (for details on accommodation options in Galway, see below)

    Tribeton: 1-3 Merchants Rd, Galway, Ireland | Map here 



    DAY 2 | Thursday 23rd May 

    Inis Oírr

    (Pronounced ee - inish - EER - Meaning “east Island” in the Irish language)

    The Aran Islands are 3 rocky isles guarding the mouth of Galway Bay, off the western coast of Ireland. Inis Oírr is the smallest and innermost of the archipelago, with only 250 inhabitants.

    On Thursday we will venture together, by bus and ferry, to get to know this unique place and its people. A crucible for national identity and a preserve of Irish language, Inis Oírr is a distinctive landscape where we can draw breath and feel the transformation of place and environment on our bodies, hearts and minds.

    Inis Oírr, Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland Map here





    Áras Éanna Arts Centre

    Established in 2000 on the island of Inis Oírr, Áras Éanna is the western-most arts centre in Europe. Its facilities include a 70-seat theatre, art gallery, café, craft workshops and a studio/apartment for artistic residencies.

    The centre is currently hosting Kate Boschetti and Liam Wilson, a new duo in juggling and street performance, as official artists in residence of FRESH STREET#3. 

    Inis Oírr, Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland | Map here




    DAY 3 | Friday 24th May 

    NUIG - National University of Ireland, Galway 

    The University is located near the centre of the city and stretches along the picturesque River Corrib. The oldest part of the university is known as the Quadrangle. Founded in 1845, NUI Galway has earned international recognition as a research-led university with a commitment to top quality teaching. NUI Galway is also the leading international centre for the study of Irish drama, theatre and performance.

    FRESH STREET events will take place in several campus venues: the O’Flaherty Theatre (located in the Concourse, also known as the Arts/Science building), Moffetts (located in the Orbsen Building), some of the classrooms of the Arts and Science building and the An Bhialann cafeteria (located in the basement of the Hardiman building).

    All these venues are a short distance by foot from each other. A detailed map of the campus and its buildings can be found here. Google maps also reveals the different NUIG buildings and its named interior spaces when you zoom in closely.

    NUIG, University Rd, Galway, Ireland | Map here


    Claddagh Basin, Galway

    The Claddagh Basin is a canal basin close to the centre of Galway city, where the River Corrib meets Galway Bay. It is an integral part of Galway's industrial and transport heritage, formerly serving an important role in the infrastructure for the city's waterborne trade.

    Two of the FRESH STREET#3 artistic proposals will be held here: Wires Crossed by Galway Community Circus and the closing performance One sink two float by Studio Eclipse.

    Eglington Lodge Canal Rd Upper, Galway | Map here


    Fisheries Field, Salmon Weir Bridge, Galway

    Fisheries Field is home to Ireland’s oldest street arts and spectacle company Macnas, beside one of the shortest and fastest flowing rivers in Europe - the River Corrib.

    Fisheries Field, Earls Island, Galway | Map here



    This section gives you an overview of the accommodation options available to you during your stay in Galway, specifying each time the distance from/to main venues (Tribeton and NUIG).

    Hotels are ranked by ascending price order. As Galway is a very touristic city, we would like to draw your attention on the fact that hotels in the city centre of Galway are generally expensive. 

    However, all partner hotels listed below have agreed to apply special rates for the FRESH STREET#3 participants. Please be aware of the limited time frame to benefit from these preferential rates!

    ​The rates offered are per night and per person

    They all include breakfast and Wi-Fi in the offered rate


    Goldcrest Village, National University of Ireland ★★

    Goldcrest Village is a student residence opened just this year at the National University of Ireland. With four, five and six bedroom apartments, this is an excellent option to immerse yourself fully in the FRESH STREET community through co-living.

    You may reserve an apartment with an existing group of colleagues or you may sign up to be placed randomly with other conference attendees. Apartments are shared but still allow for privacy - each bedroom has a single or double bed with private ensuite bathroom, plus shared living room and kitchen.

    University Rd, Galway, Ireland | Map here

    Walking time to NUIG Arts and Science Building: 13min​ | Walking time to Tribeton Venue: 30min

    Price: €55/night single ; €100/night double

    Booking: Deadline to book at the above rate is April 19th

    How to book: Go to this link, enter your arrival date, departure date, number of rooms, promo code (FreshStreet2019) and click on "search". 

    Nox Hotel ★★★

    Among commercial plazas off the N6 motorway, Nox Hotel is located 3km outside the city center. Relaxed, colourful rooms come with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffee-making facilities. Parking is complimentary.

    Headford Rd, Galway, H91 KX65, Ireland - Map here

    Walking time to NUIG Arts and Science Building: 30min (10min by shuttle)​ | Walking time to Tribeton Venue: 30min (5min by shuttle)

    Price: €99/night single ; €110/night double

    Booking: Deadline to book at the above rate is May 1st 

    How to book: Bookings can be made directly with the hotel by phone (+353 91735555) or email ( 

    Please quote “FreshStreet” at the time of booking to avail of the preferred rates.

    Travelodge Galway ★★★

    A budget hotel located 2 km outside Galway’s city centre. Rooms offer free Wi-Fi with time restrictions and flat-screen TVs, plus en suite bathrooms, and tea and coffee-making facilities. Parking is complimentary.

    Tuam Rd, Joyce Roundabout, Galway, Ireland - Map here

    Walking time to NUIG Arts and Science Building: 30 min via paved sidewalk beside the highway (8min by taxi, 20min by bus) | Walking time to Tribeton Venue: 20min (5min by taxi, 10 min by bus)

    Price: €99/night single ; €108/night double. Friday night rates are higher at €138 single ; €147 double

    Booking: Deadline to book at the above rate is May 1st 

    How to book: Send an email directly to and mention that you are part of the FRESH STREET seminar.

    House Hotel ★★★★

    This converted warehouse, now a chic hotel, is located in the heart of Galway’s city centre. Modern, individually decorated rooms feature free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, desks and en suite bathrooms with rainfall showers; the suite adds a separate lounge and a balcony.

    Spanish Parade, Galway, Ireland - Map here

    Walking time to NUIG Arts and Science Building: 19min | Walking time to Tribeton Venue: 5min

    Price: €135/night single ; €145/night double. Friday night rates are higher at €155 single ; €165 double

    Booking: Deadline to book at the above rate is

    How to book: Bookings can be made directly with the hotel by phone (+353 91 538900) or email (

    Please quote “FreshStreet” at the time of booking to avail of the preferred rates.

    The Galmont Hotel & Spa ★★★★

    This stylish waterfront hotel on the Lough Atalia lies 230 m from the Galway railway station and a 5-minute walk from Eyre Square. Offering free Wi-Fi, the sophisticated rooms also have minibars and some have sea views and private terraces. Spa facilities include beauty treatments and a salt therapy room.

    Lough Atalia Rd, Galway, Ireland - Map here

    Walking time to NUIG Arts and Science Building: 23 min | Walking time to Tribeton Venue: 8 min

    Price: €180/night single ; €190/night double

    Booking: Deadline to book at the above rate is April 22nd 

    How to book: Bookings can be made directly with the hotel by phone (+353 91 538300) or email (

    Please quote “FRESH STREET#3” at the time of booking to avail of the preferred rates.




    If you have any questions regarding your registration and/or the programme of the seminar, don't hesitate to contact us! 

    We'll do our best to answer you as soon as possible!

    See you soon at FRESH STREET#3! 





    Contact person: Alonso Lobato

    T: +34 602605852


    Co-organisers & Partners

    Co-organized by:

    Circostrada - European Network for Circus and Street Arts 
    Galway 2020 - European Capital of Culture 

    ISACS - The Irish Street Arts, Circus & Spectacle Network 

    With the support of: 

    European Commission - Creative Europe Programme 
    French ministry of Culture 
    Failte Ireland - National Tourism Development Authority
    Meet in Ireland 
    Galway Convention Bureau





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