Feedback CS LAB#3

Dear members,

Thank you for taking part in the CS LAB, which took place in Aix-en-Provence between June 27-29, 2018 and was co-organised and hosted by the Centre International des Arts en Mouvement (CIAM). 

This edition was the occasion to learn and practice the full process of the Design Thinking method, through its different tools and workshops.

We are very keen on gathering your feedback, comments, impressions and any suggestions you may have to help us improve our future CS LABs!

THANK YOU for taking a few minutes to answer the following questions!

Your details
Part 1. Contents
Only one choice
Challenges, Value Ladder, Stakeholders mapping, Persona, Day in the Life, Socratic Dialogue, Future Scenario etc.
Part 2. Format
Multiple choices
Part 3. Next CS LAB
E.g. text that explains every workshop day-by-day, a brief resume, illustration, video etc.