SAWA#2 - Street Arts Winter Academy

March 23-24-25 2012
Winchester, United Kingdom
  • SAWA - Street Art Winter Academy

The University of Winchester (UK), Gledališče Ane Monro Théâtre (SI), Circostrada Network and FAI AIR (FR) organised from March 23 to 25 2012 the second edition of the Street Arts Winter Academy. This closed seminar took place in Winchester (UK) and gathered 30 European professionals, experts and policy makers in order to tackle the issue of education and training programmes in Street Arts.

This edition took place on the University of Winchester campus by invitation of the BA programme in Street Arts and had for its theme “Practice as research.” 

This more academic angle led to discussions about the role of street arts in the university through an issue much on the minds of art schools throughout Europe, how to implement the specifics of the Bologna system.

This ambitious topic offered a taste of the wide range of questions that can be asked when one discusses creation in the public space. Once again, it appeared necessary to analyse teaching methods, formalize pedagogical approaches and define certain fields and skills.