SAWA#3 - Street Arts Winter Academy

March 10-11-12 2013
Marseille, France
  • SAWA - Street Art Winter Academy

The third edition of SAWA took place on March 10-11-12 2013 at the FAI-AR in Marseille (France) in the frame of the "Panorama des chantiers", a final presentation of the individual creation projects carried out by the student-apprentices of the FAI-AR.

The 4 project leaders – Gledališþe Ane Monro (SI), the University of Winchester (UK), the FAI-AR (FR) and HorsLesMurs (FR) – pursued the work started during the 2 previous editions by:

  • Presentation: Who’s who, participants presentation and their experiences
  • Ateliers / working groups: Discussing and designing pedagogical contents (frame of reference for street arts). Regarding some main issues (dramaturgy, context, etc.), what are the contents, tools, methods and reference points ?
  • Perspectives: What’s next for SAWA? What strategies? After 3 gatherings, what should or could be built in the future? Needs, perspectives... 
  • Opening: public presentation and synthesis of the 3 editions of SAWA : summary and work paths