Where Dance Meets Circus

Sheila Creevey
Number of pages
10 pages
Document producer
  • Contemporary circus

This publication is the result of a meeting entitled Where Dance Meets Circus, which was hosted on 27th January 2017 by the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, centre of academic and performance excellence housed at the University of Limerick, in partnership with ISACS and the MA in Festive Arts. 

This event was an opportunity to gather choreographers, performers, programmers, researchers and policy makers, among others, to explore where one art form crosses into another, and how this is articulated. The aim was to provide examples of practice, provocation, and above all a space to discuss and debate the fundamental di erences and similarities of these art forms, while considering how each can learn from and support the other to further develop the conversation. 

Sheila Creevey, Head of Performance, Pavillon Dance South West, Bournemouth (UK) was in charge of facilitating the meeting and writing the synthesis. 

Table of contents:

  • Setting the stage
  • Creating a shared space for discussion 

  • Achieving a better mutual understanding and finding new ways of working together 

  • Interconnected art forms 
  • Aerial dance: a hybrid discipline at the crossroads of circus and dance seeking recognition and acceptance 

  • Zoom in: Aerial Dance 

  • The key role of infrastructures and resources in art form development 

  • Dance and Circus across the world 

  • How the body and object relate to one another 

  • Mutual influences 

  • Festivals as breeding grounds for the emergence of new opportunities and experimental work 

  • Closing words

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