Street arts: distribution is dead, long live distribution!

Anne Gonon, Pascal Le Brun-Cordier & Yohann Floch
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  • Outdoor arts

The landscape of street arts distribution in Europe is evolving. Alongside festivals, other spaces for meeting with the public are developing, thus diversifying the moments and conditions of dissemination. New programmers, crossover of networks, year-round dissemination or presence in rural areas, the spirit of the street is finding its way everywhere and is demonstrating its innovation. Some companies are even giving up on presenting shows in order to settle in territories on a long-term basis and "infuse" their creative work as close as possible to the people. 

The Eurobrunchstorming, meetings organised on 23 and 24 July 2010 as part of Chalon dans la rue in Chalon sur Saône (France), by Circostrada Network and HorsLesMurs in partnership with the festival, laid the foundations for this thematic work and raised the main lines of thought. Presented under the provocative title "Distribution is dead, long live distribution!", they questioned the relevance of current distribution models in Europe and highlighted new approaches to intervention and creation in the territories.

This document presents a synthesis of the exchanges and discussions in the form of three articles by Anne Gonon, Pascal Le Brun-Cordier, moderators of these meetings, and Yohann Floch, then coordinator of Circostrada Network.