Japan: Circus and Street Arts Panorama

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  • Contemporary circus and outdoor arts
  • Research trips

This short publication and first of its kind was designed to benefit to all members of the Circostrada network, and more broadly to all cultural professionals eager to learn about the Japanese contemporary context of circus and street arts. It provides practical tips and contact information to foster professional opportunities and new collaborations between Japanese and European organisations. This guide will provide you with contacts, it will give you a quick insight into the recent history and current scene of two emerging sectors and it will help you understand better the local context. This is not a scientific and exhaustive article on circus and street arts panorama in Japan but rather an attempt to deliver an accurate report of the knowledge acquired by the network during a one-week research trip, and share an analysis built on the discussions and testimonies gathered on the spot with local people.

Table of contents

  • "The sun rises in the East" - Tale of a one-week journey to Japan
  • Historical landmarks and current challenges
  • Circostrada top-10 venues and festivals across Japan
  • Some of the most important street festivals in Japan
  • The artistic address book of the network

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