FRESH STREET#1 - Synthesis of discussions

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Circostrada Network, in partnership with FiraTàrrega, organised FRESH STREET#1 - European seminar for the development of Street Arts, between September 13-15, 2015 in Barcelona & Tàrrega.

The first edition of this flagship event brought together 240 international professionals, artists and policy makers for a key focus on Street Arts. 

The aim? To embrace the dynamics of the sector in Europe today and to reflect on how we can imagine the Street Arts of tomorrow.

This publication delivers the dynamic conclusions of all the sessions and formulates a series of practical recommendations for all professionals to improve the structuring and recognition of the sector in Europe and beyond. 


  • Opening panel: "The construction of Europe through Street Arts"
  • Tailor session #1: "Street Arts, people and public space"
  • Tailor session #2: "Say it loud: who we are and what we do"
  • Tailor session #3: "Beyond mobility: enhancing collaboration"
  • Tailor session #4: "Training and transmission"
  • Panel: "Step outside!"

You can also read the publication on Issuu