European Nomadic University of Street Arts

Stéphane Simonin, Charlotte Granger & Anne Gonon
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  • Outdoor arts

The Europe of street arts is on the move. Although artistic creation in the public space is expressed in very different terms depending on the European country, the circulation of shows is still very real and collaboration between artists and between presenters has grown stronger over time.

Little by little, a community of interest is being formed, which is becoming aware that it is pursuing the same objectives and sharing the same values: artistic recognition of off-site creation, access to an increasingly secure public space, mobilisation of public funding to support the production and dissemination of works, etc.

The European territory is certainly the most relevant level to defend these forms of artistic expression, provided that professionals are brought together around a common approach.

By organising the first European Nomadic University of the Street Arts, the Aurillac International Street Theatre Festival offers a privileged space for dialogue and reflection open to artists and cultural leaders from all over Europe. This meeting, in which the Circostrada network is involved, allows for the identification of points of convergence and divergence between countries, as well as the identification of common issues and the work that remains to be done.