Diverse Body/Ies in the Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Arts

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  • Contemporary circus and outdoor arts
  • Annual red-thread

Get into our publication “Diverse Body/Ies in the Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Arts”, dedicated to last year’s annual red-thread on 'Diverse body/ies'. 

With this publication, we aimed to give space to a multiplicity of voices and share some food for thought, while also summing up a part of the discussions held during the Diverse body/ies activities.

This publication contains as well the “Circostrada Charter for Diversity”, which is the result of a nearly year-long collective process between members of the Diverse Body/ies internal committee, Circostrada coordination team, and external experts working around questions of inclusivity, fairness, equity, and accessibility in the arts. Find this Charter inside the Diverse body/ies publication.

The publication contains contributions of Cheril Linett, Elena Zanzu, Eleonora Gimenez and Lucie Bonnet, Maylis Arrabit, darya efrat and Diana Niepce, Donika Rudi, Nikolina Komljenović, and Dimitra Kanellopoulou.