Cirque et arts de la rue : la circulation des formes artistiques en Europe

Anne Tucker
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  • Circus
  • Street Arts

Because one of our objectives is to better understand these sectors, Circostrada Network wanted to use the 2006 qualitative study “Circulation of circus and street artworks in Europe” and the indicators established then, to evaluate the impacts of the world economic crisis on our sectors.

Like other networks and international organisations, we hear every week terrible stories of grassroots organizations being forced to downsize or even close down their activity. We wished to update the previous sample survey, by comparing the figures collected for the financial year 2006 with the ones for 2010, in order to get an (incomplete) picture of the situation.

The results of the study were collected by the researcher Anne Tucker (based in the United Kingdom), and this work must be seen as what it is: not ambitious!

Nevertheless, the analysis of the collected data has already provided important indicators for the economy and companies’ mobility. Through a thorough economic analysis of small sample of European companies, the study provides brute data on creative teams’ budgets, show sales, number of performances, and their presence within the country of origin, Europe and the rest of the world.