An insight into Co-design/Design thinking Methodology

Andrew Bullen
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  • Circus & street arts
  • CS Lab

This publication entitled “An insight into Co-design & Design thinking methodololy” follows the CS Lab workshop held on June 29, 2017 in Fossano (Italy).  This workshop, organised in partnership with Mirabilia in the course of Circostrada's General Meeting aimed at introducing a collaborative work methodology to the network’s members, so as to give them paths for reflection and lead them to question the way they approach team work. Co-design and Design thinking are processes which imply a dialogue and a collective creativity, quite often enabling its users to come up with original and innovative solutions. The present publication describes a concrete and pragmatic approach, which relies on the practical application of a diverse set of tools, applied to the context of circus and street arts production.

A very hands-on compilation of professional situations to be kept in mind when working on a project involving several stakeholders, but also precious guidance for those who simply want to improve their organization skills.


  • Setting the Stage
  • The Tools / The Workshop: Practical Exercices 
  • Grasping the Stakeholders of a Project
  • Conclusions

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