Art in the Public Space in the Arab World: Dynamics, Actors and Resources

Claudine Dussollier
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  • Outdoor arts
  • Kahwa - Euro-African meetings

How can we begin to speak in general terms of public space in the countries of the Arab world when they are so diverse and geographically spread out out? When it has become in recent years an open theatre of various events, peaceful and violent demonstrations, resistance and barbarism, a melting pot of citizenship and brotherhood, a site of sacrifice and an echo chamber rof all possible expectations? It must be said that in the past, the street has played a leveraging role in the ongoing changes in today's Arab societies, even while subjected to secular injunctions and protest bans.

This publication follows on the very first journey of Circostrada to Egypt, which took place between Cairo and Alexandria in April 2017, with the aim of meeting two new members settled in the region: Mahatat for Contemporary Art and I-Act. This experience offered, among other things, a privilege space for dialogue and reflection on the state and shape of artistic creation in Egypt, as well as a valuable insight into the local cultural scene and its actors, in the context of a Co-writing lab hosted and led by Mahatat. This gathering laid the foundations of a new cycle of meetings introduced by the network entitled KAHWA, which will focus on the artistic creation in the Mediterranean region and which will be dedicated to professionals working in the public space.

Table of contents

  • New Artistic Territories
  • First steps towards public space and consolidation of the movement
  • Public Space: an interface between tradition and modernity
  • Action in the Egyptian public space
  • Mahatat: a place, a team, a project and resources for the Arab world
  • Towards a new era of international cooperation
  • Circostrada Contact Sheet

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