[Re]viewer workshop with Nina Jääskeläinen at Cirkuliacija 2023!


This accessible and participant involving workshop gives each participant tools they feel they need in their individual and personal work when writing about contemporary circus performances.

This June, 8-10th during festival Cirkuliacija at Kaunas, Lithuania.

We approach writing from various aspects, for example:

  • Do I need to know a lot before I see a show?
  • Now, what to pay attention to when I watch this show?
  • What is the name for that circus discipline thing on stage…?
  • I have seen the show, now who is MY audience, to whom am I writing about the show and how?
  • The audience seemed to enjoy the show, I did not – why?!

More info and registration: https://forms.gle/3fnnmdauPmyC2DFHA