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We are happy to inform you we have four new members who have joined the network. Give them a warm welcome! Here is a small introduction of who they are, where they're based, what is their main focus and most importantly how to start getting in contact with them! 

Congratulations to them and welcome to the Circostrada sphere!

National Theatre Sibiu

The “Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu is one of the longest-standing theatres in Romania and Europe. It has contributed to the founding of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, becoming a regional pillar of culture, education, and research. It is a multifunctional structure whose activity aims to make strategic use of cultural resources as a premise for the community’s full development at a local, regional and national level. Sibiu International Theatre Festival is proud to be a leading performing arts platform that brings quality works to a wide range of audiences. Specially as one of the goals is the active growth of a community through culture by strengthening cultural interactions between various groups within the cultural community and the general audience.

Focus: Circus and outdoor arts
City and Country: Sibiu, Romania.

Contact person: Dan Bartha-Lazăr, Events Coordinator

➡ https://www.sibfest.ro/ ​

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Karacena, Biennial of Circus and Travel Arts, was created by the AMESIP and Shems'y National Circus School of Salé, which are all chaired by Mrs. Touraya Jaïdi Bouabid. It offers a platform of primary importance in this strategy of alternation by addressing various professional situations, from urban intervention to big top shows, from collective presentation to individual scores, from choreographed movement to spectacular prowess through dramatic interpretation. It also allows the school's apprentices to meet and work with national and international companies, thus reinforcing their professional skills and allowing them to create connections that facilitate their professional insertion.

Focus: Circus and outdoor arts
City and Country: Salé, Morocco

Contact person: Abdellatif Bennani Smires, Production Manager

➡ http://www.karacena.art/

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CircusDanceFestival is a German model institution dedicated to visibilising current aesthetics in the hybrid field of dance and circus. Based on a combination of an annual five-day festival and several all-year missions, the project initiates University cooperations, residency programs, symposia, a yearly academic magazine, and youth projects. The festival is an artist-led project by the company Overhead Project.

Focus: Multidisciplinary
City and Country: Cologne, Germany

Contact person: Tim Behren, Artistic Director

➡ https://www.circus-dance-festival.de/

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BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano

BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano is a cultural and botanical park in the heart of Milano where you can live cultural experiences in contact with nature. The Biblioteca degli Alberi is a public garden managed by the Riccardo Catella Foundation, a non-profit organization active for over 10 years aiming to promote the area’s sustainable development, and is responsible for the management, security, maintenance, and cultural programme of BAM.

Focus: Outdoor arts/Multidisciplinary
City and Country: Milan, Italy 

Contact person: Giulia Laura Doninelli, Digital Content Associate

➡ http://www.bam.milano.it

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