Book now: OAUK Funding Focus


We live and work in hugely challenging times - cash is tight everywhere you look and for those working in the arts, just the thought of seeking new funding can cause major panic or a minor brain freeze. And let's not forget environmental issues, international conflicts and wonky global politics...

So, if you are feeling lost in the lands of applications and spreadsheets, these free informal sessions are designed to be a friendly space to share your frustrations, explore ideas and reignite your funding mojo...

After some breakfast treats and some short presentations for inspiration and example, we will gather in small groups to talk as broadly and creatively as possible, share our funding woes and, hopefully, start to find a way through the woods.

Sat 1 Jul WINCHESTER (Hat Fair)
Sat 29 Jul BRADFORD (B:D Festival)
Sat 26 Aug LONDON (Greenwich+Docklands International Festival)
Sun 3 Sep HULL > (Freedom Festival)