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STAMP Festival / Altonale GmbH

Hamburg , Germany
Type of organisation
performance space, festival, network
Main discipline
Type of activities
cultural participation projects targeting specific audiences
mentoring / practical support
training / education / professional
Year established
Circostrada member since
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Contact Person
Tom Lanzki (artistic director)
Große Bergstraße 160
22767, Hamburg - Germany

The STAMP Festival was created in 2010 and is an annual Festival usually organised in June or July. It takes place in the district Hamburg-Altona, a very popular district of Hamburg. The Festival includes street art (HioHop/Parcours/Skating) and street theatre. Since a couple of years, it also supports new circus productions from compagnies based in Hamburg.

During the Festival, two big parades are organized: a night and a day parade, with more than 40 groups participating. Since 2010, STAMP Festival takes part in Europeen projects to support young street artists and develop new partnerships and cooperations for street parades.

Le festival STAMP est un festival annuel  qui se déroule depuis 2010 dans la circonscription de Hambourg-Altona, un quartier très populaire de Hambourg. Le festival inclut une partie de street art (HipHop/Parcours/Skating) et de théâtre de rue. Depuis quelques années, il soutient de nouvelles productions de cirque dirigées par des compagnies basées à Hambourg.

Par ailleurs, le festival organise deux grands défilés, un de nuit et un de jour, qui comptabilisent plus de 40 groupes participants. Depuis 2010, le festival mène des projets européens de soutien de jeunes artistes de rue et développe de nouveaux partenariats pour enrichir les parades de rue.