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Københavns Internationale Teater

København , Denmark
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Katrien Verwilt (Artistic director)
163A Refshalevej
1432, København - Denmark

Københavns Internationale Teater is the organisation behind Metropolis, an artistic platform for the development of the creative city. The objective is to break the established notions of the art, and in particular the traditional image of the performing arts.

Since 2017, Metropolis is a summer season presenting performing arts based experiences in the city – far from traditional street performances – but artistic adaptations of significant buildings, squares and roads. These experiences include the staging of everyday life, installations in urban space, artists working with local groups, art experiences in temporary mobile venues and excursions to the parameters of the city. Tales of city diversity are told, and all formats and media are tested. The city is the object, subject and frame, all at once.

Metropolis also takes an active role in initiating and producing projects. This takes place through Metropolis Laboratory/Nordic Urban Lab, where artists, architects and city developers are provided broader scopes in which to collaborate in new constellations.

Københavns Internationale Teater has produced more than 50 international festivals, workshops and seminars etc. presenting more than 1500 invited artists, ensembles and companies over the past 35 years. On the whole, the aim is to create a unique variety of performing arts, which excites and inspires Danish audience and professional arts communities alike.

Copenhagen International Theatre promeut activement le spectacle vivant international au Danemark. Le KIT a produit plus de 50 festivals internationaux, ateliers et séminaires, dans le cadre desquels plus de 1500 artistes se sont produits ces 30 dernières années.

Copenhagen International Theatre interroge les notions établies sur l’art et le spectacle vivant en soutenant de nouvelles écritures artistiques qui dépassent leurs strictes frontières. L'objectif est de favoriser la diversité du spectacle vivant en présentant de nouvelles formes capables d’éveiller l’intérêt et d’inspirer les publics et les professionnels danois.

Copenhagen International Theatre est un théâtre sans scène. Chaque été, il organise un festival :

  • Les années paires, le festival de cirque contemporain  NY CIRKUS FESTIVAL 
  • Les années impaires, le METROPOLIS FESTIVAL, mettant à l’honneur des propositions artistique en espace public et urbain. Les années paires, il impulse également aussi une plateforme de développement : METROPOLIS LABORATORY.