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European Youth Circus Organisation

Type of organisation
umbrella organisation, network
Main discipline
contemporary circus
Type of activities
cultural participation projects targeting specific audiences
facilitating professional meetings
training / education / professional
Year established
Circostrada member since
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Other networks the organisation belongs to
Contact Person
Lynn Carroll (President)

EYCO's mission is to champion and elevate the vibrant world of youth circus by fostering cooperation among its member organisations. Together, we work to promote, nurture and advance the circus arts among the youth of our continent.

EYCO serves as a vital nexus, where shared knowledge, experiences and resources come together to create a stronger, more vibrant youth circus community. Our members collaborate on a myriad of initiatives, from organising workshops and training to hosting festivals and events.

With a shared commitment to inclusivity, diversity and responsible circus practices, EYCO is a driving force in ensuring that the circus arts continue to thrive in Europe. By being part of EYCO, our members become a part of a passionate network dedicated to empowering the next generation of circus enthusiasts and performers, helping them reach new heights and in doing so, ensuring the enduring legacy of circus arts throughout Europe.