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CircusInfo Finland

Helsinki , Finland
Type of organisation
resource / information provider, other
Main discipline
contemporary circus
Type of activities
documentation and observation
facilitating professional meetings
mentoring / practical support
Year established
Circostrada member since
Contact Person
Lotta Nevalainen (Acting Managing Director, Head of International Development)
Tallberginkatu 1 c 93
00180, Helsinki - Finland

CircusInfo Finland is both the physical and online contact point for any information on professional circus in Finland. It supports the artistic and cultural development of circus art in Finland through its strong networks, promotional activities and services offered for circus professionals. Founded in 2006, CircusInfo Finland receives yearly funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

CircusInfo Finland focuses on: 

  • collecting and distributing information on Finnish circus and compiling statistics related to Finnish circus
  • coordinating the promotion of Finnish circus by creating and maintaining international relationships and contacts
  • working as a strong national partner in advocacy and lobbying for the circus art
  • organising workshops and providing mentoring for Finnish circus professionals


 Fondée en 2006, CircusInfo Finland a pour mission de promouvoir et de soutenir le cirque en Finlande.

Ses objectif sont :

  • Collecter et de diffuser des informations sur le cirque
  • Créer des relations et des projets à l’international pour le secteur
  • Promouvoir la diffusion du cirque et des artistes de cirque finnois
  • Oeuvrer pour le développement artistique mais aussi pour la promotion du rôle social de cet art
  • Etre le relai auprès des institutions et décideurs politiques des informations concernant la situation et les besoins de ce secteur, en Finlande et dans le monde. 

CircusInfo Finland est financé en partie par le ministère de la Culture et de l’Éducation.