Žongléros Ansámbl z. s.

Pilsen, Czech Republic
Type of organisation
Individual Artist
Company / Collective
Residency space
Practice space
Circus / Street art school
Main discipline
Circus arts
Year established
Geographical scope of action
Contact Person
Martina Vaněčková (Superviser)
9 Husovo náměstí
Pilsen 301 00
Czech Republic

Žongléros Ansámbl z. s. works in Pilsen since 2011. The first idea of creating a contemporary circus themed group dates back to 2004. Nowadays, Žongléros Ansámbl performs its shows all around the Czech Republic and even abroad.

The association regularly organizes the festival of contemporary circus "Žonglobalizace". The first year, it took place in the center of Pilsen but, step by step, it progressively moved to a greener part of the city, the Borský park. Twice a year, the citizens of Pilsen also have the opportunity to attend the Circus goes gala, a smaller event which takes place at Moving Station, an alternative art venue on a former train station.

Since 2013, the association also focused on educative activities. Its members organize long term courses, events, meetings and workshops in contemporary circus.

This increasing activity required a permanent space. Cirkulárium, a centre for contemporary circus in Pilsen, was established at the beginning of 2014. It provides two gyms with equipment for aerials, juggling, cyr wheel, balance ball, hoops and much more.

Another filed of interest for the association is social circus. It cooperates on long-term basis with the Mental institution in Dobřany and occasionally also with the regional office of Člověk v tísni. It also provides leisure activities for minors at risk of social exclusion.