Cirkus LeGrando

Brno, Czech Republic
Type of organisation
Circus / Street art school
Main discipline
Circus and Street arts
Year established
Geographical scope of action
Contact Person
Konrad Heczko (Public relations, trainer)
7 Stamicova
Brno 623 00
Czech Republic

Circus LeGrando is a part of the Lužánky Leisure-Time Center. It began in 2000 under the initiative of Labyrint and Ulita (other Luzanky groups), experimenting with performance, street theater, and juggling. In collaboration with its German colleagues (Jugendhaus Fasanenhof Stuttgart), it increasingly focused on specific circus disciplines. Circus LeGrando was founded as the first children’s circus in the Czech Republic in 2005. Circus LeGrando is a mobile circus for children and young people which wants to bring the forgotten magic of the circus to the present. In its small circus tents, Circus LeGrando invents projects for children and young people, culminating in performances for their parents and friends. Its programs develop motor skills, artistry, and communication, providing children with a positive experience and the self-confidence to develop an adventurous spirit. Its well-trained coaches guarantee solid and safe work.