General Meeting at Humorologie Festival

June 27-29 2014
Kortrijk, Belgium
  • General meetings
  • Humorologie festival programme

Circostrada General Meeting took place from June 27 -28 -29 2014, in the frame of the Humorologie Festival, in Kortrijk (Belgium). 

This meeting gathered 42 participants from 30 members organisations of the network. 

It was the opportunity to share together the new 2014-2017 project of the network and to further the principles of its new collaborative governance. This gave way to the election of the current Steering Committee. 

For the first time, dedicated sessions for the Work Groups took place, that allowed the participants to discuss all projects for the first time and to start forming groups. 

Finally, the Humorologie programme was present all throughout, with the discovery of 5 shows, and 3 days of work that took place at the heart the festival site, right next to the artists and the audience. 

As always, this meeting was the opportunity for all members to all meet, and share their ongoing news and projects between each other.