September 25-26 2008
Paris, France
  • Fresh - international event for contemporary circus and outdoor arts

Circostrada Network organized a two-day seminar for the development of the contemporary circus in Europe. During thematic workshops, professionals were encouraged to reflect together upon ways to develop better structuring within the sector, as well as consolidation on the European scale. Aside from taking stock of the current situation, one of the seminar's goal was to construct a serie of recommandations for regional, national, and communitarian institutions to help create greater awareness of the particularities of contemporary circus creation. 

FRESH CIRCUS#1 in a nutshell... 
2 days at La Villette
288 participants from 18 countries, 30% of foreign participants
8 simultaneous interpreters
24 speakers, 6 moderators, 6 reporters

6 thematic workshops:

  • the creativity and the innovation
  • diversity and intercultural dialogue
  • the production and distribution of circus works
  • technical regulations for tents
  • knowledge and access to information
  • access to the circus profession

FRESH CIRCUS#1 was organised by Circostrada Network and HorsLesMurs, in partnership with Le Parc de la Villette and took place in the framework of the European Cultural Season in France and Pop'S festial des arts turbulents.