CS LAB#5 webinar
June 3-5, 2020

CS LAB#5 webinar



In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the CS LAB#5, scheduled initially from 21 to 23 April in Manchester has been postponed and transformed into a digital learning and sharing experience. It will take place on June 3-4-5 online. 

Leadership in times of crisis

How can we best manage our teams and organisations in times of crisis?

Is the current pandemic exacerbating social inequalities and how can we ensure greater gender equality, diversity and inclusion in decision making now and in the future?

In the aftermath of this crisis, how will we need to advocate in order to sustain our organisations and our sector?

Co-organised by XTRAX (UK), the purpose of this CS LAB will be to question how, we can support our teams in these unprecedented times, while at the same time using it as an opportunity to question our practice and explore ways to instigate lasting change in our organisations and the wider sector. It will combine 3 online keynote sessions focusing on 3 different sub-themes linked to the topic "Leadership in times of crisis", open to the wider audience, followed by 3 small groups discussions reserved for Circostrada members and XTRAX guests, addressing the topics of leadership, equality and advocacy in the Outdoor Arts and Circus sectors.


Aims of this CS Lab

  • Encourage a self-critical assessment and propose a forward-thinking approach to become change makers
  • Reconnect with our own creativity and build an inspiring vision for the future
  • Give tools, techniques and strategies to create lasting change within our own practice and organisations
  • Interrogate what is stopping us from being fully representative sector and how we can ensure that everybody is included
  • Learn skills and strategies to advocate effectively for your work and build support


Target audience
  • This seminar is designed primarily for mid-career cultural leaders working in the field of circus and/or outdoor arts with a strong desire to transform their cultural practice and engagement.


Participation upon registration only
  • The 3 keynote sessions are open to all upon prior registration.
  • The 3 group discussions/practical sessions will be limited to 8 participants/group, upon prior registration (first arrived, first served). 
  • The wrap us session is open to all upon prior registration
  • Registration deadline: May 28 (midnight, CET)

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Keynote Session#1 - Leadership in times of crisis


Keynote Session#2 - Developing diverse and inclusive leadership practices


Keynote Session#3 - Advocacy for change


Wrap up Session

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