CS Hubble

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CS Hubble is a three–year pilot observation program that is conducted between 2014-2017. The programme aims to gain a better understanding of the circus and street arts sectors in Europe. It is conducted by one of the 6 internal Work Groups of the network.


Knowing the members of the network better

  • The Work Group develops a survey that aims to collect detailed information about the member organisations of the network, being aware of existing circus and street art questionnaires of different national contexts. The questionnaire is developed by Circostrada members for Circostrada members: it is created thanks to the Work Group members' practical expertise in their respective fields as well as the theoretical input of academic outside eyes.
  • The aim of this first part of the observation programme is to highlight the role, skills, and expertise of the members of the network, and to reflect on the scale and diversity of the network itself by giving access to new and updated information.

Collecting key information on our fields in European regions where the network is less present

  • The Work Group develops a methodology that will enable the identification of stakeholders in the circus and street arts sectors in 22 new or candidate EU countries, and that will allow a better understanding of the degree of development of circus and street arts in these regions.
  • A questionnaire is developed that takes into account the specific realities of these areas in order to create new information that will facilitate future collaborations between Circostrada members and cultural actors of the surveyed countries.

Creating useful and accessible information that can be used as advocacy tools

The Work group aims to give virtual access to new statistics and figures on these sectors based on the answers gathered through both surveys:

  • The interactive mapping links to the basic member information sheets and gives an overview of Circostrada members, their territories and activities.
  • A few chosen statistics on the network are dynamically generated in the "Who are we" section.
  • In 2017, a study on the complete findings of the members survey will be published on this page.
  • The Work Group is still considering how to best communicate on the findings linked to the second survey.

Access to the Map

Members of the CS HUBBLE Work Group: 

  • CircusCentrum (BE)
  • CircusInfo Finland (FI)
  • FEDEC (BE)
  • HorsLesMurs (FR)
  • Imaginarius (PT)
  • KreativKultur (AT) (pilot)
  • Kejos The-at-er (PL)
  • La Central del Circ (ES)
  • Manegen (SE)
  • Mirabilia (IT)
  • Sideshow Magazine (UK)