Ílhavo, Portugal
30 novembre au 2 décembre 2022




    La deuxième édition de DIVE* - Activité de formation approfondie - aura lieu du 30 novembre au 2 décembre à Ilhavo (Portugal), co-organisée avec Bússola (Portugal), en collaboration avec 23 Milhas, Ílhavo Camara Municipal et Acesso Cultura dans le cadre de LEME - Festival de Circo Contemporâneo !
    DIVE est un événement immersif de trois jours dans l'environnement local du membre hôte et dédié à la réflexion sur un thème spécifique à travers un large éventail d'activités expérientielles. Le programme est profondément lié au fil rouge annuel de Circostrada ("Diverse body/ies") et vise à encourager le partage de connaissances, d'expériences et de bonnes pratiques entre les participants sur cette question particulière. En 2022, le FORUM CIRCUS fera partie de l'événement DIVE.

    *Cette activité est ouverte aux membres de Circostrada et aux invité·e·s de Bússola sur inscription. 

    Les inscriptions seront ouvertes le 10 octobre 2022, restez à l'écoute !




    Discover the day by day programme: 


    November 30th 2022

    • 14:00-14:30: Shuttle from hotels area to Ílhavo
    • 14:30-15:00: Registration desk

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Foyer

    • 15:00-15:15: Welcome words

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Foyer

    • 15:15-15:45: Keynote

    Keynote dedicated to the concept of invisibilisation in the art (LGBT+, Minorities, different abilities ...).

    Speaker: Yamam al Zubaidi (TBC)

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Foyer

    • 15:45-16:30: Talk with Diana Niepce

    Talk with the artists Diana Niepce on their work. Reflexion on visible and invisible bodies.

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Foyer

    • 16:30-18:30: Opening Ice breaking + break & Networking

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Foyer

    • 18:30-19:15: Outdoor Arts Portugal Showcase / Simulacro by Margarida Montenÿ & Carminda Soares (Portugal)

    An exercise in intimacy, repetition and resistance. Two bodies in continuous action explore the limits of their proximity through the degenerative nature of the gesture. A diffuse space is created between the real and the staged, between the public and the private, enhancing states of vulnerability, expectation and tension. Simulacro starts from a set of actions and gestures present in the daily lives of the two interpreters, crossed by fragments of shared memories, in a slow exercise of transforming bodies and their drives. The project is located within the field of performing arts, working on the intersection between circus and dance, proposing a transdisciplinary dialogue. This meeting between Margarida Montenÿ and Carminda Soares is also a way of thinking about the interaction and relationship of two bodies coming from different artistic contexts and work practices - dance and circus - in the same space and time, looking for moments of association and conflict. We also intend to value and promote practices of reflection and contamination between the different artistic disciplines, certain that plurality and heterogeneity open up new possibilities and paths in the current arts universe.

    Planteia Outside of Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo

    • 19:30-21:30: Welcome dinner & Networking

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Foyer

    • 21:30-22:30: Performance / Anda, Diana by Diana Niepce (Portugal)

    In Anda, Diana, the dancer and acrobat Diana Niepce portrays the reconstruction of herself, after a fall (to which she was left with a spinal cord injury), in an honest dialogue between body and mind, between logic and chaos, until she built the dancing body. In this piece, she proposes to question what the norm is, challenging prejudices and ideas that society has regarding the aesthetics of bodies. Here, the disability, although present, does not take the place of the victim of the system. Rather, this non-standard body is positioned as a revolutionary. Anda, Diana project also has an autobiography edited by Sistema Solar. An inner narrative developed from cruelly real facts, contaminated by the author’s artistic perspective. Diana Niepce is a Portuguese artist who investigates language and hybridism as a political action. It seeks to reformulate the identity of the performative body through its mutation, intimacy and experimentalism outside the norm.

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Auditório

    • 22:45:00: Shuttle to hotels area


    DECEMBER 1ST, 2022

    • 09:30-10:00: Shuttle from hotels area to Costa Nova
    • 10:00-10:45: Performance / Raiz by Circo Caótico

    Raiz by Circo Caótico A Territory to gather what is fragmented. A space that does not hold us back and favors the fall, a space where the common and intimacy negotiate a plural, where freedom and chaos go hand in hand, and this duality is exactly where we want to be. Two bodies torn apart by the forces they face in an attempt to escape from themselves, from an unstable place between the “I” and the “other”. In an acrobatic duet, we are led in an experience with the purpose of thinking about the concept of common place. Circo Caótico is a collective created in 2020, in the midst of the chaos of a global pandemic, consisting of two acrobats, a musician and a visual artist, born from the desire to tear boundaries, break concepts and question the paradigms of their own identity.

    Cais Criativo da Costa Nova

    • 10:45-11:00: Break

    Cais Criativo da Costa Nova

    • 11:00-12:30: Project presentations

    Let's talk about failure! It's time for cultural and artistic project managers to talk about their first attempt to include DEIA in their practice: what didn't work? why? What did they change? 

    Cais Criativo da Costa Nova

    • 12:30-14:00: Lunch & Networking

    Cais Criativo da Costa Nova

    • 14:00-14:30: Shuttle to Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo
    • 14:30-14:50: LEME artistic programme / Navegar performance 1

    Navegar – Emerging artists (Portuguese circus schools) Stepping Stones by Evangelia Mosiou (Greece)

    Life consists of limitations and motivations that create for each of us a different and unique path through the choices that are made. In Stepping Stones, the artist explores the different stages of life she went through through the decisions she made. What would have happened if she had made different choices? Using wooden blocks, suitable for balancing hands, as a metaphor for her life path, she travels from reality to an imaginary world, from the known to the unknown, from the specific to the abstract. She crosses borders and finds her life purpose amid moments of chaos and disorder.

    Planteia Outside of Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo

    • 15:00-16:30: Open table concept

    Open conversations on artistic professional career with disabilities / cultural professional career with disabilities. What are the conditions in which they are included? Participants can go in and out.

    Speakers: TBC

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Foyer

    • 16:30-17:30: Break & Networking
    • 17:30-18:15: Artistic talks

    Conversation in between two guest artists about their artistic work and focus on the dimensions of diversity and inclusion.

    Speakers: Darya Efrat and Sérgio Conceição

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Foyer

    • 18:30-19:15: Outdoor Arts Portugal Showcase / Corpo espetacular by Mariana Barros (Portugal)

    Interdisciplinary project between performance/architecture, body/image, intervention/installation, object/textile art. An extended performance in spontaneous action and programmed action of a red object body with a 20-meter tail extension with 50 mm in diameter, based on lycra and foam, created as a costume/sculpture for the development of performative paths in the public space of cities, and as a living installation of an artistic object. How does a spectacular body resist the commodification of experience and teach to dare again? The extension of the body through a costume? Perceiving limits and borders of a foreign body and the places it will cross, the daily life of cities, the usual landscapes, and the body of others. Active for a human body, rethinking the body itself, its attitude, its need to exist and reflect on new challenges of contemporary art and the site-specific body-image.

    Planteia Outside of Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo

    • 19:30-21:00: Dinner & Networking

    Casa da Cultura de Ílhavo - Foyer

    • 21:30-22:15: LEME artistic programme / Trace by Team Braga (Portugal)

    Trace intends to choreographically explore parkour techniques, transforming the traditional explosive and intense movements of short duration into a contemporary aesthetic, integrated into a collective dramaturgy. A project that, in addition to deepening the concept of overcoming and virtuosity, seeks to cross adaptability, textures, noises and emotions with a dramaturgy that starts from the understanding of the body and mind as individuals in a group. The multidisciplinary dimension also considers the sound exploration of movement and the enhancement of the visual component with light and/or video according to creative development. Team Braga was invited by LEME 2022 to work on a new piece in a carte blanche model, challenging the current vision of the parkour and their movement.


    • 22:30: Shuttle to hotels area

    DECEMBER 2ND, 2022 - Connected to CIRCUS FORUM - open that day to more participants

    • 09:30: Shuttle from hotels area to Ílhavo
    • 10:00-10:20: LEME artistic programme / Navegar performance 2

    Navegar – Emerging artists (Portuguese circus schools) A convicção faz possível o impossível by Angie Villarreal (Colombia)

    The creation of a world where you are introduced to a transforming journey of elements that makes the imagination fly; a girl with her horse friend find a box, where they will experiment with everything they discover inside it. With a mixture of rolls and juggling, she guides this journey through an atmosphere of different textures and colors, bringing the public closer to the fact that inventions are as big as their creator's imagination.

    • 10:30-12:00: Roundtable

    Public Space is a place where we can reach all types of public, is it really the case? What experiences can we tell?

    • 12:00-12:20: LEME artistic programme / Navegar performance 3

    Navegar – Emerging artists (Portuguese circus schools) Anxiety by Joka - Cão Danado (Portugal)

    Anxiety started as an exercise in a training context and was later rethought as a work-in-progress. As objectives, it is intended to develop a technical component, as well as a creative vision that supports the contemporary circus solo: cyr circle, dance and acrodance. Anxiety arises from the need to explore the subconscious, from the dialogue between fear, resistance, confrontation and control. A dialogue between body and mind, together with the choreography as poetry that accompanies this dialogue. Above all, fear - as an idea of terror - emerges as the predominant emotion in a search and knowledge about the unknown emotions, which devour and control us. An internal struggle, externalized from the cyr as an extension of the body and thought.

    • 12:30-14:00: Lunch break & Networking
    • 14:00-14:20: LEME artistic programme Navegar performance 4

    Navegar – Emerging artists (Portuguese circus schools) Permeia by DuoVerse - Raphaela Olivo & Nicolas Mancisidor (Brazil/Chile)

    Between supports, bases and changes, being them physical and symbolic, the boxes and bodies transform, adapt and permeate each other. An intimate and challenging proposal of the hand-to-hand technique.

    • 14:30-15:00: Keynote + closing words

    Topics: neocolonisation of bodies, decolonisation of art.

    • 15:00-17:00: Free time
    • 17:15-17:45: LEME artistic programme / Where do I connect? by Džiugas Kunsmanas & Adrian Carlo Bibiano (Lithuania/Mexico)

    Recent events in the world made most of the people to become distant from each other, rhythm of life has changed, were forced to find communication alternatives, avoid physical contact. As we are slowly coming back to communicate the way we used to Džiugas Kunsmanas and Adrian Carlo Bibiano are looking for a non-verbal contact between acrobat and a dancer. Contact, in the sense of touching doesn’t really exist in physics. In fact when we are standing on the floor we are not really touching them. Electrons that are in the floor are repelling electrons of our foot, electromagnetic field is being created between them so in the atomic level they can never really touch each other. Even though, we can still feel a hug from a person that is close to us. Using different movement languages, artists will speak about this topic and try to create unusual, but honest dialog between the viewers.

    • 18:00: Shuttle to Laboratório das Artes - Teatro da Vista Alegre
    • 18:30-19:15: LEME artistic programme / Apparat by Cie. Kapsel (Sweden)

    Erik and Jay use juggling as a playful way to explore how humans interact with objects and the environment. The show is often surprising, and very easy to enjoy, as it is presented with a personal touch. Natural elements such as paper, metal, and glass are combined to great effect, one being the invention of origami made of wood! These sculptures bend and fold with liquid movement, turning the manipulation into a form of abstract puppetry. The show suggests an entire world of possibilities, hidden just below the surface of everyday life, waiting to be discovered by everyone.

    • 19:30: Shuttle to Gafanha da Nazaré and to hotels area
    • 21:30-22:30: LEME artistic programme / Frequência by Cie. Errance/Leonardo Ferreira (Portugal/France)

    Frequência comes to talk about immortality, by offering a story of an asexual being who approaches this defined by a male figure. An eternal figure, inspired by silent film portraits that connects us to postmodern values and which contains both values that connects us to intelligence artificial, a link between the past and the future, the immortal. Coming from an atypical, linear frequency, dusty and of a past lived in the present time, time unfolds on itself, and its perception does not maintain the chronological order of the term. In his own way, he seeks to enter into dialogue with his own world, out of time, a world of nuances and possibilities, in space and for the attention of what surrounds it.

    • 23:00-00:00: LEME artistic programme / Vaarna by Cie. Nuua (Finland)

    Vaarna is a surrealistic performance that blends juggling, installation art, and physical theatre. Hypnotic and mesmerising to the senses, it creates a dialogue between the imaginations of both the performer and the spectator by presenting lighthearted and touching images that evoke different emotions and thoughts, depending on the viewers’ personal experiences. A kinetic and disorienting performance of motion and mood, Vaarna’s breathtaking light design, soulful music, and the jugglers’ object manipulation combine into an artistically versatile experience that is curious and playful, personal and touching – like a stream of consciousness in visual form.

    • 00:15: Shuttle to hotels area


    Participants are invited to stay for the festival during the weekend. Shuttle service to Aveiro hotels and non-central venues will be availbe also on Saturday and Sunday with specific timetable.





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