FRESH STREET#2: From innovation to sustainability

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  • Arts de la rue
  • Fresh - événement international pour le cirque contemporain et les arts de rue

After the 1st edition in Barcelona & Tàrrega, which gathered more than 350 professionals from 30 different countries, FRESH STREET - International Seminar for the Development of Street Arts, came back to Portugal to open up new perspectives, establish new contacts and celebrate street arts and the artistic creation in the public space!

Organised by Circostrada and ARTCENA, in partnership with Imaginarius - International Street Theatre Festival between May 24-26, 2017 in Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal), this second edition focused on the theme “From Innovation to Sustainability” and brought together street arts players, artists, programmers, journalists, researchers and policy makers for three days of stimulating exchanges, insightful debates and valuable networking.

This publication reports on the contents of the discussions and issues raised during this key seminar.

Table of contents

  • Plenary Session #1 – Good Practices in Public Policies for Public Space:A Statement or a Question? 
  • Tailor Session#1 – The Global World – Copyright and Street Arts
  • Tailor Session#2 – Innovation Takes Risks – Safety Plans in the Street Arts Sector
  • Tailor Session#3 – How to innovate? New models supporting the artistic creation for the public space 
  • Tailor Session#4 – Be inside: Participation programmes in street arts 
  • Tailor Session#5 – Breaking Borders international partnerships for the street arts sectors 
  • Tailor Session#6 – Audience Development: Are street arts able to rethink concepts?
  • Overview Session#1 – Over the Seas: Street arts beyond Europe
  • Plenary Session#2 – Art for People, With People or By People? 
  • Overview Session#2 – Not so far away: Street Arts in the South and East Europe
  • Plenary Session#3 – A street of opportunities: Street Arts as a Transformative Influence 
  • Overview Session#3 – What About Portugal? – Portuguese Contemporary Artistic Creation for Public Space