Directions in Circus Leadership - NHLP-EU Handbook out now


The NHLP-EU Handbook, titled Directions in Circus Leadership, comprises insights and reflections from NHLP-EU fellows, experts and guest speakers along the programme. 

With contributions LIna B. Frank, Majo Cázares, Marie-Andrée Robitaille, Jakob Jacobsson, Ida Nørgaard, Valentina Barone, Christina Wunder & Shanthuru Premkumar, Antonia Kuzmanić and Jere Kuzmanić, Gaia Vimercati, Gry Lambertsen, and editorial advice from Edward Rapley, the handbook is addressing topics in leadership, growth, navigating change, diversity, sustainability and more. 

The handbook will be released at the concluding event of the NHLP-EU programme - the Leadership in Circus Conference in Riga, 19th - 20th June, and will soon thereafter be available for free online orders through the CirkusSyd webshop.