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Theatre Network Australia (TNA)

Southbank , Australie
Nature de la structure
lieu ressources, agence de développement, réseau
Domaine artistique
Type d'activités
facilitating professional meetings
mentoring / practical support
Année de création
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Personne de contact
Steph Speirs (Program Manager, Events and Circus & Physical Theatre)
G5, 152 Sturt Street
3006, Southbank - Australie

TNA is the leading industry development and advocacy organisation for small to medium and independent performing arts, working nationally, with a dedicated Victorian program. TNA services a wide range of performing arts including dance, circus and live art. TNA strengthens artists and arts organisations, influences cultural policy at three levels of government, facilitates critical debate, and advocates for a more robust, interconnected, and innovative sector.

Theatre Network Australia works with the Australian Circus and Physical Theatre community to contribute to the development of a diverse, thriving, and sustainable sector. Our aspiration for the sector is for it to be recognised and supported by three tiers of government, presenters, programmers, and audiences alike. Read our Circus and Physical Theatre Strategy for 2021-2024.



► Deliver Mentorships & Observership programs for targeted emerging artists to develop relationships and connections within the sector.

► Promote and provide opportunities for knowledge development on topics including; diversity, access and inclusion, and also employment standards.

► Facilitate peer working groups to drive discussion, professional development, and support these groups with administration, promotion, and networks.

► Advocate to state and federal funding bodies for increased support of Circus and Physical companies and projects.

► Provide access to policies, procedures, documents, and case studies that support and promote TNA’s CaPT strategy priorities.



  • First Nations First
  • Justice and Diversity
  • Safe Theatres/Workplaces
  • Access and Inclusion
  • Gender Equity
  • Growing Arts Funding
  • Strong Ecology
  • Artists Central
  • Effective Networks



The Arts' Value To Society

  • A society that embraces and supports creativity is more robust, more egalitarian, more respectful of the past, and more prepared for the future.
    • The arts are essential to our collective civic identity, and can simultaneously impact social, economic and environmental arenas.

Sector Diversity

  • A diverse performing arts sector provides a richness of skills, perspectives and identities that are vital if we are to be relevant.
    • The performing arts will benefit from increased participation by First Nations people, women, people with disabilities, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, children and young people, and older people.


  • Life-long learning is essential and exists both inside and outside educational institutions.
    • Participation in the arts is a dynamic form of learning.
      • Performance, like any creative enterprise, needs to be supported to take risks, and needs to be allowed to fail.
        • Research and development are essential.

Sector Ecology

  • There are multiple ways for a society to support a thriving arts sector.
    • Different artistic, business, funding, financial, and governance models can be effective, and flexibility is paramount.
      • Small to medium performing arts companies and independent practices are career destinations (not simply pathways) and are integral to invention and innovation in contemporary performance in Australia.


  • Performing arts professionals have a right to fair pay and conditions, including annual and sick leave, superannuation, family and maternity leave, long service leave, and paid professional development.
    • Conversations and dialogue: that are open to all, overlapping, ongoing, critical, challenging, morphing over time, iterative, exploratory, and always respectful.

L’Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Association (ACAPTA) propose divers services au secteur des arts du cirque en Australie : mise en réseau, défense des intérêts, compétences,  développement du secteur, ressources et informations.

  • Sa vision : un monde meilleur grâce au cirque !
  • Pour un secteur des arts circassiens australiens qui offre des formations pour tous les niveaux, qui célèbre et encourage la création d’œuvres très complexes, provocatrices et intelligentes, recherchées en Australie et à l’étranger, et qui accompagne une communauté d’artistes du cirque en plein essor.
  • Sa mission : Consolider et soutenir la vitalité du secteur des arts du cirque en Australie en défendant ses intérêts, en encourageant les échanges et les partenariats, en développant cette forme d’art et en partageant des ressources et des informations.

L’ACAPTA est un organisme dynamique, déterminé et durable qui met tout en œuvre pour développer les arts du cirque et de la rue australiens.