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Hsingho Co Ltd and HoooH

Nature de la structure
festival, réseau, autre
Domaine artistique
cirque et arts de la rue
Type d'activités
cultural participation projects targeting specific audiences
training / education / professional
Année de création
Membre Circostrada depuis
Autres réseaux
Personne de contact
YuLun Chiang (Co founder)

HSINGHO CO., LTD. was founded in 2016. HOOOH, the nonprofit organization under HSINGHO CO., LTD., was founded in 2019.

Co-founded by the former Cirque de Soleil performer, Hsing-Ho Chen, and another key man of connecting Taiwan to international circus communities, Yu-Lun Chiang, HSINGHO CO., LTD. endeavors to promote circus culture, with a view to becoming the bridge which not only introduces contemporary circus to Taiwan but further, introduces circus in Taiwan to the world.

Absorbs nutrients around the world, and devotes to promoting circus in Taiwan. 

To share the enjoyment of circus with more people, the team of HSINGHO CO., LTD. has run various workshops, training programs globally for both professionals and the public. Furthermore, the founder has been invited to make speeches not only in Taiwanese schools and TEDxTaipei Annual Meeting but also other countries such as Canada, Israel, India and Chile. So far he has made more than one thousand presentations and workshops, which influences nearly one million people.

Connects related communities, creates a “circus ecosystem”, and plays the role as a bridge between international circus and circus in Taiwan. 

Since 2016, with extensive experience and network in the field of circus, the team host large-scale circus festivals and events. They invited the Taiwanese circus performers and foreign masters to show their impressive skills and creativities on stages and workshops, which attracted more than thousands of people to join the wonderful festivals and events. In the future, we plan to build the Asian Circus Center in Taiwan that attracts world-class circus performers to come to Taiwan for exchanging their experiences of circus. Also, we will help Taiwanese professional performers becoming the next stars in circus field.