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Certain Blacks

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festival, agence de développement
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cirque et arts de la rue
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Clive Lyttle (Artistic Director)

Certain Blacks is an arts development organisation rooted in East London. We are dedicated to supporting diverse artists from various cultural, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds. We firmly believe in nurturing long-term relationships with artists, arts organisations, venues, festivals, and promoters, as they are integral to our mission. With a focus on live art, music, theatre, and digital platforms, our goal is to secure lasting investments in diverse works, enabling them to tour and perform not only in the UK but also internationally.

At Certain Blacks, talent development plays a crucial role in our work. We provide emerging artists with professional space and support to showcase their work on a national scale. We understand that individuals from minority communities often face barriers in their creative journeys, experiencing exclusion and limited opportunities. As a brand that represents excellence, we offer a platform for both new and established artists to expand their professional horizons by working in diverse environments and connecting with broader audiences.