SAIL - Support for Advocacy, Influence and Leverage
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SAIL - Support for Advocacy, Influence and Leverage



    SAIL - Support for Advocacy, Influence and Leverage 

    SAIL is a new programme that will run continuously until August 2024 and is open to Circostrada members only. The goal of this programme is to support members in their advocacy strategy, and use the European leverage of the network to increase visibility, recognition, and legitimacy in the eyes of public funders and key stakeholders (whether local, regional, or national). The programme will only support actions carried out by members that are relevant for their context and serve the general interest of the sectors.

    These actions shall be initiated by the members themselves, however the coordination team is available at any given time for advice and counsel.

    Finally, the supported actions will be chosen on an ongoing basis and the coordination team will use the following criteria (within the allocated budget): strength of the action, potential impact of the action, diversity of the actions, as well as geographical and sectoral balance.


    The project must be directly related to an advocacy action towards contemporary circus and/or outdoor arts in your city, region, or country. Note that specific granting rules apply to these projects, and not all types of costs may be covered (see next section). 

    Here are some examples of projects that would fit the programme (the following list is non exhaustive): 

    • Translating, printing, disseminating an article or a publication in your language. 
    • building or designing an advocacy campaign.
    • Supporting the mobility of European experts and the exchange of knowledge. 
    • Inviting an artist, a cultural worker, a member of the network, a steering committee member of the network, for a high-profile and very specific event (e.g. anniversary).
    • Building or designing professional meetings including public policy makers.

    Here are some concrete examples of projects that would not fit the programme (the following list is non exhaustive): 

    • Actions that don’t serve the general interest
    • Actions that are not linked to an advocacy strategy
    • Actions whose impact cannot be measured 
    • Actions that are part of your regular plan of activities
    • Actions whose costs are not eligible

    In order to apply, please send an email to Stéphane ( and CC Laura (  

    You must at least add a summary of your project and your motivation for asking for Circostrada support. Note that a special attention will be paid to the ecological impact of your activity. 

    If you don’t have a specific idea in mind yet, but you wish to benefit from this support, please don’t hesitate to send an email to Stéphane and ask for a meeting.

    • The maximum amount for each grant is 1000€ VAT included.
    • The maximum numbers of grant per members is one.
    • The maximum numbers of grants in the frame of this project is 15.
    • Circostrada will not contact any of the providers or take care of the financial transaction with the partner engaged for the advocacy action. Each member must advance the cost and send an invoice to Circostrada afterwards.
    • Costs that cannot be covered : daily allowances, meals, fuel, taxi, salaries, capital assets, acquisition, catering.

    In case of support, it will be asked to members to add the Circostrada logo as well as that of Creative Europe on all communication material related to your activity. 

    Please check the internal communication section of the Circostrada website (accessible through your personal account). This section contains the different downloadable versions of the Circostrada logo as well as the Creative Europe logo and the graphic charter of the network, defining the basic rules on the use of the graphics that constitute the graphic identity of Circostrada. 


    For environmental reasons, the network particularly encourages beneficiaries to travel over land, e. g. by train, which is widely accepted as the least polluting means of transport. Eco-friendly projects/activities will be prioritized. 

    The network understands that some members might not have access to green transportation, and will thus be vigilant not to discriminate against any region or city. Candidates who depend only on planes for international mobility will be able to benefit from a grant just like any other candidate. 

    Afin d’accéder à cette section, vous devez renseigner le mot de passe qui vous a été communiqué par email.