Pays de Galles, Royaume-Uni
3-4 MARS 2022





    Dive est un événement immersif de deux jours dans l’environnement local du membre hôte et co-organisateur, dédié à l’étude approfondie d’une thématique spécifique à travers un vaste éventail d’activités expérientielles. Le programme est intimement lié au fil rouge annuel de Circostrada ("Corps vivant.s" pour l’année 1) et vise à favoriser le partage de connaissances, d’expériences et de bonnes pratiques entre les participant·e·s sur ce sujet.

    Dive offre l’opportunité aux travailleur.euse.s du cirque contemporain et des arts de la rue de se former de manière approfondie sur un sujet, tout en leur proposant une immersion totale dans un contexte local. Cette expérience immersive leur permet d’acquérir une compréhension fine et habile de cette localité, de sa scène artistique, de son écosystème, de sa communauté ainsi que de ses principaux acteurs·rices.  

    Dive se déroule dans le cadre d'un événement clé pour le cirque contemporain et/ou les arts de la rue à l'échelle locale et donne la possibilité aux participant·e·s de développer leur réseau et leurs connexions internationales.


    La première édition de Dive se tiendra du 3 au 4 mars 2022 à Staylittle (Pays de Galles, Royaume-Uni), dans le cadre du Rassemblement National des Arts de la Rue 2022, porté par Articulture Wales. L'événement, organisé sur deux jours, proposera des rencontres et discussions informelles, des sessions thématiques ouvertes, des marches artistiques dans la nature ainsi que des ateliers animés par des expert·e·s et dédiés aux questions écologiques et de durabilité dans le spectacle vivant. Rejoignez-nous au Lodge, en plein coeur des Monts Cambriens et préparez-vous pour une plongée immersive dans l'univers des arts de la rue gallois !




    A day of sharing plans and aspirations, cooking and dancing with special guests including Fio, Ffiwsar, AndNow, man hap – human happenings, Osian Meilir, June Campbell Davies and Lisa Heledd Jones, with optional dinner and evening activity.

    This is the place to share projects, ideas and opportunities and to start to reconnect, stretching our minds, bodies and getting tooled up for working together in 2022.


    9.30 - 11am @Lounge and Lawn

    Arrive at The Lodge lounge to register and pick up refreshments before heading to Lawn to enjoy a warm-hearted Welsh welcome with an international twist in a Cambrian mountain setting with AndNow’s Mandy Dike and man hap Artists Gareth Clark, Ami Marsden and Catrin Doyle.

    Central to the welcome will be AndNow’s large-scale Samovar - a Russian invention traditionally used to make tea embodying warm-hearted hospitality, where people believe that Samovars have souls. Tea - the cup that cheers!  

    AndNow, are based in North Wales and work worldwide, conceive, design and create visual performance, image and installations. andnow.co.uk

    man hap: human happenings, is a supportive space for artists from across Wales to come together to meet, create and share. man hap collaborate online and in person across Wales in ways that are often beautiful, sometimes anarchic, and always warm and welcoming. manhap.com

    Gareth Clark is best known as one half of Mr and Mrs Clark who have been making performance, live art and dance theatre for 20 years. They are inspired by the environment they live in to make bold and challenging performance work to connect and inspire our audiences. mrandmrsclark.co.uk


    11am - Welcome by Articulture @Village Hall


    11.15am – 1pm – A choice of activities

    • Plans and Aspirations for Outdoor Arts Wales 2022 @Village hall

    What are people’s plans and aspirations for outdoor arts in Wales this year? An open circle conversation with a creative twist, with contributions are welcome from everyone participating to share their opportunities, projects and ideas. Facilitated by Iwan Williams, Independent Producer and Director, Ffiwsar, and Rosie Strang, Co-Director, Articulture. This session will be documented for sharing with others.

    • Two drop-in sessions you can join/leave as you wish 
    • Conversation and cooking @Dining room

    A conversation whilst we cook together for others during the day. Hosted Annie from the Articulture team. Why do we want to make outdoor arts work? What are our aspirations? What’s inspired us to create?

    • Re-imagining @Lawn or Lounge

    A workshop space to re-imagine and create with simple creative activities around the Samovar fire or in front of The Lodge Lounge woodburner with man hap – human happenings Artist Catrin Doyle.

    Catrin is an award winning filmmaker and community artist based in Pontypridd, South Wales. Her work has been screened on BBC, S4C and at prestigious film festivals across Europe. She specialises in working with people to create art to express themselves and connect together


    1-2pm Lunch @Lounge, Dining room, Lawn


    2pm – Provocation and Invitation @Lawn

    Provocation - Sita Thomas, Artistic Director of Fio and Osian Meilir, Performer, Dance-maker and Movement artist take personal reflections on outdoor arts practice in Wales, and its future. 

    Fio exists to create a seismic shift in the arts and cultural sector in Wales. Their vision is that Global Majority people of all ages are embedded and thriving in all aspects of theatre and arts in Wales. wearefio.co.uk

    Osian Meilir is Performer, Dance-maker and Movement Artist originally from Pentre’r Bryn, on the west coast of Wales, who creates and collaborates nationally and internationally. He premiered his first mid-scale outdoor arts production - the ambitious and genre defying ‘Qwerin’, as Director and Choreographer in 2021. osianmeilir.com/works

    Invitation - Inspired by the morning’s conversations and provocations, what is your burning question, idea, opportunity you’d like to talk to others about? You are invited to suggest a discussion topic you would like to host later for the ‘Plot and Pint’ session, to be written up in the lounge for later at 4.30pm.


    2.30 – 3.45pm

    Moving @Studio

    Reconnecting with our bodies with playful movement, singing and music inspired by Carnival! For people of all abilities guided by June Campbell Davies in The Lodge’s bright and airy studio with giant windows to the mountains.

    June Campbell Davies is a Dancer, Choreographer, Film Maker, Teacher and Facilitator with a rich and varied history of Carnival community collaborations, dance performances and teaching at organisations such as Rubicon dance and the Royal College of Music and Drama. 

    Two drop-in sessions which you are welcome to join/leave as you wish at any time 

    • Conversation and cooking @Dining room

    A conversation whilst we cook together for others during the day. Hosted by Lisa Heledd Jones and the Articulture team. Why do we want to make outdoor arts work? What are our aspirations? What’s inspired us to create?

    Lisa is interested in people and places and the stories they have to tell. She listens by recording sounds and voices, walking and taking pictures, collaborating with others to create extraordinary projects and interventions. lisaheleddjones.com

    • Re-imagining @Lawn or Lounge

    A workshop space to re-imagine and create with simple creative activities around the Samovar fire or in front of The Lodge Lounge woodburner with man hap – human happenings Artist Ami Marsden.

    Ami works with schools, communities, councils and the public to create interactive, educational and inspiring site specific work. amimarsden.com


    4pm – Break

    Regather, refresh, reflect at the Samovar with tea, cake and ceremony.


    4.30  – 5.30pm – Plot & a Pint

    Who would you like to talk to now? Host your topics, ideas, or opportunity over drinks and a packet of crisps. Or just relax by the woodburner, or head out for a walk.


    6.30pm Evening meal for those who are staying on or off site


    7.30pm -  Sensory connections

    Facilitators: Marc Rees and Phil Lambert 

    The ancient process of charcoal making is inherently connected to the history of being human. Over millennia this process has provided us with fuel, pigment and drawing materials. Reconnect with the ancient processes like charcoal making, clay extraction and paint making with Phil Lambert and guest interdisciplinary artist Marc Rees. You are invited to sit around outdoor fires and engage in charcoal creation and conversation before heading out into darkness to capture the trees on magical night time meandering - mark-making and stargazing. Then back to The Lodge for a viewing of the drawings created and what they reveal.

    Phil is a father of three young girls, a Visual Artist and engagement specialist with an interdisciplinary background across the Sciences and Arts. His Arts practice shares and develops an understanding of Ecology, Sustainability, Philosophy, Learning and Creativity - working in painting, drawing, ceramics, film, alternative photography, surveys and with specific communities.

    His practice considers the reasons for making works, the significance of the subjects, the provenance of the materials and then how to share them. Recently his work has been focused around soil, for example, working with the Reading University Soil Security team doing observational painting using local soils and photographic prints developed from an old soil assaying technique that looks at soil vitality.



    9.30 - 11am - Thematic discussion @Lounge and Lawn 

    A morning conversation to lay the foundation on the topic of Living body/ies. What are we talking about? How do we talk about it? Do we all have the same references when it comes to ecology and sustainability?

    This first exchange will also try to go further by opening up a discussion on how to respond to ecological transformation through the lens of power differences, social and geographical inequalities.

    Facilitator: Stéphane Segreto-Aguilar


    11am-12:30pm: Keynote "The internationalization of the arts: how to rethink international ambitions to be translocal"

    This session will dig into the concept of "translocality" in an attempt to answer the challenge posed by the current crisis: how to reformulate or rethink our international artistic ambitions in a way that is locally embedded? How can one transcend borders without entering a generic global world of art? Is it possible to connect local and global contexts in the art world and in the performing arts in particular?

    Facilitator: Heba El Cheikh


    12:30-2pm: Lunch 


    2pm-5pm: Simultaneous workshops

    • Workshop1: Experiencing nature differently

    Facilitator: Cheryl Beer

    Thousands of years ago, the ancient Celts spoke in a language considered so sacred that Kings banned it, but the Ogham Alphabet is much more than a collection of letters. It is a system of symbols based entirely on the cultural & spiritual significance of trees, giving us a window into how our ancestors respected, appreciated & understood their environment. 

    Join Cheryl to learn about this ancient form of writing, found on wood, in stone & in the hands of Celtic people as sign language. We will talk about the relevance of Ogham to the Druids, unearth how they applied Ogham to daily life & draw each of the symbols to understand its meaning. If the weather wishes it, we will learn of Ogham in the presence of trees, if not, we will meditate a wooded space into being. Joining Cheryl is special guest, Welsh interdisciplinary/site-specific artist Marc Rees, explaining how his recent British Council supported work CRO|PAN explored Ogham as gestural dance in rural Wales, through collaboration with the Pickle Factory Dance Foundation, Kolkata, India.

    • Workshop 2: Focus on ecology-based new aesthetics

    A workshop to explore the new aesthetics produced with the advent of ecological issues. Let’s focus on artistic creations that come specifically from ecological thinking.

    Facilitator: Fin Jordao

    • Workshop 3: What about the other livings?

    Facilitator: Karine Décorne

    We often think of nature as separate from human kind; something we’ve learnt to control and use to our advantage. Humans have created a hierarchy of intelligence of living beings placing ourselves at the top, followed by those who look more like us (chimpanzees)… placing plants and fungi right at the bottom because they don’t look, behave or have a brain like us.The truth is, this anthropomorphic interpretation of the world only shows how ignorant and profoundly disconnected from nature, and more particularly fungi, we are, and the major role it plays in ensuring our existence in the first place and our survival.

    Fungi belong to an entirely separate kingdom of life from plants and animals and are found in every habitat on Earth… including our own bodies! Through an introduction to the fascinating and enlightening work of biologist Merlin Sheldrake, we will explore the world of fungi and the under-discovered and fundamental part they play in making our world, change our minds and shape our future in helping us address the greatest issues of our times: Climate Change.

    Karine has been working in the arts for the past 25 years in London, Geneva and Wales. She co-founded Migrations in 2004 and developed projects focused on bringing arts, nature and science together through cross sector partnerships, aiming to reconnect people with nature and engage with climate change related issues. She is also a co-founder and active member of European network AREA, focusing on contemporary arts in rural places.


    5pm-6pm: Informal networking over a beer 


    6pm - 7:30pm: Dinner 



    Provocation vidéo

    Provocation - Sita Thomas, directrice artistique de Fio, et Osian Meilir, performeur, créateur de danse et artiste du mouvement, nous livrent leurs réflexions personnelles sur la pratique des arts de la rue au Pays de Galles et sur son avenir.

    Fio existe pour créer un changement sismique dans le secteur des arts et de la culture au Pays de Galles. Sa vision est que la majorité mondiale de tous les âges soit intégrée et prospère dans tous les aspects du théâtre et des arts au Pays de Galles. 

    Osian Meilir est un performeur, un créateur de danse et un artiste du mouvement originaire de Pentre'r Bryn, sur la côte ouest du Pays de Galles, qui crée et collabore au niveau national et international. Il a créé sa première production artistique en plein air de moyenne envergure, l'ambitieuse pièce "Qwerin", en tant que directeur et chorégraphe en 2021.





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