Street Arts: Distribution is Dead, Long Live Distribution!

Anne Gonon, Pascal Le Brun-Cordier & Yohann Floch
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  • Street Arts

The distribution landscape of the street arts in Europe is evolving. Other spaces of contact with the public are being developed alongside festivals, thus diversifying the time and conditions of distribution. With new programmers, the crossing-over of networks, year-long distribution or presence in rural settings, the spirit of the street is emerging everywhere and is showing great innovation. Certain companies are even turning away from distributing shows so as to more solidly establish themselves within territories and “infuse” their creation work as closely as possible with the populations at hand. 

The Eurobrunchstorming, gatherings organised for 23 – 24 July 2010 during Chalon dans la rue
in Chalon sur Saône (France), by Circostrada Network and HorsLesMurs in partnership with the festival, set the foundation for this thematic construction site and raised the major discussion topics. Presented under the provocative title, “Distribution is Dead, Long Live Distribution!”, they questioned the pertinence of the current distribution models in Europe and emphasized new approaches of intervention and creation within these territories.

This document presents a synthesis of exchanges and discussions in the form of three articles by Anne Gonon and Pascal Le Brun-Cordier, who were moderators for these gatherings, and Yohann Floch, coordinator of Circostrada Network.