The next General Meeting will be held in Rotterdam !

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The next General Meeting will be held in Rotterdam (Netherlands) from May 2nd till May 4th 2018, hosted by Circusstad Festival. 

Organized in the frame of Circusstad Festival, this upcoming general meeting will be another privilege moment for the network’s members to meet, exchange and work collectively towards the objectives defined within each specific work group.

Besides being a fruitful time to strengthen interactions and ties between members, the general meeting will also be about learning more about its host. To that end, members will be introduced to the local artistic scene, they will have the chance to visit circus venues and facilities and to discover a rich artistic programme in the course of Circusstad Festival Rotterdam.

For its 6th edition, the festival will celebrate both international and local cutting edge circus, from renowned circus compagnies to emerging talent. Circostrada members will get a real sense of the Dutch Circusfield, attending a large variety of shows, including complete creations and works in progress.

More info coming soon