Imaginarius PRO 2016


Imaginarius PRO is a space of contact for street arts professionals, part of the Imaginarius Festival. This dynamic is meant to strengthen partnerships between the artists and programmers present during the festival, by facilitating contacts between different realities in a single space.

In this edition, the Imaginarius PRO space will be open between 10.30 am and 7 pm, on 19, 20 and 21 May. Space will be provided for divulging artistic projects and conducting informal meetings between the various artistic stakeholders present at the festival.

Those taking part in Imaginarius PRO will have access to the space and to the official debating sessions and showcases, as well as to information on the accredited professionals.

Access to Imaginarius PRO is free of charge for all Portuguese and international street art professionals. In order to enrol, those interested can fill in the form available at